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    Steve Schwab

    I’m looking to find a good suspension tuner in the area. I have a Yamaha FZ-07 that I am upgrading the suspension and would like an expert help me dial it in. I use my RT for touring but really enjoy the occasional track day and twisties on the little FZ. I’m pretty ignorant when it comes to suspension tuning and could use some help. Most places that I have found via google seem to specialize in motocross.


    Jack Johnson

    Steve, your best bet might be to call or visit the people at I would think they can send you in the right direction.


    Mike E

    Apex Mfg also might be an option.  You could ask Audrey at BMW SEM for a reco as well.



    I have used Dave Bowman Inc 248 666 4651. They are located in Waterford on M59 near the airport. And they specialize in suspensions. I have had several bikes worked on by them and I have been happy with there work.



    Steve Schwab

    Thank you all for the suggestions. Sportsbike provided me with a list of dates and venues where tuners will be present. I’ve been trying to get to Road America so this might be the perfect excuse to ride that track. Unfortunately, they don’t have tuners at Gratton.

    Dave Bowman looks to be a good recommendation too. I spoke to them on the phone and they sound like the perfect place to start after I install my upgrades. By the way, they sold their place in Waterford and are now located in Clarkston.

    Thanks again for the response.


    Mike E

    If you’re going to travel, I used Ken Hall at Sportbike Suspension.

    They’re the best.  They installed my Ohlins and they are expert at tuning.  The used to be located outside of Chicago, but now they’re in Tennessee.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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