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    Richard Hautau

    A Large old time General Store and Hardware Store

    They say:

    The Michigan Store That’s In The Middle Of Nowhere But So Worth The Journey
    Good things seem to appear when we least expect them, and this rule applies to all aspects of life in Michigan. With so many unique areas of the state to explore, there’s no shortage of hidden gems that sit tucked away in the middle of nowhere. For an unforgettable experience, check out this fascinating store that’s situated in the least expected of places.

    Dublin General Store is located at 18372 Hoxeyville Road in the small town of Wellston.


    Mats Ceder

    Some suggestions:

    One of the BDRs (I am doing CO in June)

    Trans Wisconsin Adventure trail (easy and fun  ride but a boring 500 mile tarmac ride to get to the start)





    After reading the post that Dave Allgood posted about the TCD turning 50 this year, how about a 50th Anniversary ride?

    Not sure if there are any rides on file from 1968, but if there are, a “retrace” of one or more routes might be kinda cool.

    Just thinking.


    Craig G

    MABDR (Mid-Atlantic BackCountry Discovery Route).

    It’s so close, and the route/tracks were just released!




    Craig, the MABDR looks interesting. Like you said its close, and looks like a fun ride. the route is 1080 miles long. They just released the official trailer video for it as well.


    Mike E

    A few of us got together and watch the MABDR view yesterday (thanks again Eric for hosting and Shannon for bringing the video).  It looks like a fun and scenic route.

    It’s not a technical ride like the other Backroad Discovery Routes, so it’s great for all levels.  Lots of twisty, windy, dirt and paved back-roads going up the spine of the Appalachians (If you’re only looking for gnarley off-road treachery, this may not be your ride).

    We were considering times we could fit this in the calendar and one option is to do it immediately before or after the BMW RA Rally in Wellsboro, PA.  The rally site is a very close to to the northern end of the route.  Doing this would likely make this together with the RA two weekends + 5 days of vacation.  Could be July 14 – July 19, then the RA is July 19-21. Or we could ride it south after the RA rally.

    Who might be in for a ride like this?



    I like the idea of doing the MA DBR ride going from south to north  and ending up at the RA rally.

    Perhaps possibly just half of the route or whatever distance makes the most sense as far as timing is concerned.

    It looks like a fun ride, seems much like one of the Ohio or Indiana rides more so than some of the gnarlier stuff we have done (on big bikes anyway), but definitely scenic.



    Nobody, did you buy the video for this MA route. I’m curious as to “How Hard” this route may or may not be. It sounds like its not to difficult according to what Mike has posted, and if that’s the case, this would be a ride I’d be interested in.

    I agree with Nobody, start at the south end and ride north and end up at the RA Rally.


    Gary Mayes

    I’m interested in doing that ride, before  or after RA.


    Mike E

    It looks like there will be a public screening of the Mid-Atlantic BDR video at the Maple Theater (15& Telegraph) on Monday, March 19th at 8pm.

    Everyone interested can come, watch, and discuss the options.  Tickets will be $10 and will be available online in advance.

    We will post when all the details are worked out and tickets are available (should be soon.)

    Plan on attending!

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