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    Zachary Wickliffe

    Hey all,

    Any chance someone has the bearing puller for the steering head bearings? I’m working on my R60/6 and would love to rent it if possible.

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    Mike E

    Griffith Garage, or Richtig Restorations would be your best bet.

    Zachary Wickliffe

    Thanks for the recommendation!


    I see Richtig in Owosso but a quick search doesn’t show much for Griffith Garage. Where is it located?

    Mike E

    He’s a member who occasionally helps people with their old airheads and has a lot of knowledge on these bikes. You can contact Shawn at Richtig and talk to them as well.

    People typically don’t typically loan or rent tools though.  If a standard type of puller is needed, you can often get them loaned from AutoZone or another store.  They could let you know if it needs something special.

    Zachary Wickliffe

    Unfortunately it is a special puller required. I’ve got a bearing puller set but the BMW tool is unique and can grab behind the race where normal pullers can’t. But thanks for the heads up! I’ll give Shawn a call and see how it goes.

    hundredmph farmer

    If you don’t need to save the bearing race and have access to a welder then you can probably  run 3 or 4    3/8″ long  weld beads inside that race. When the weld beads cools and shrinks that also shrinks the bearing race so they usually fall right out.

    If by chance it doesn’t easily pull out after the weld beads cool then just drop a large washer in on top of the weld beads then tack weld that in  place. That allows a drift to drive it up and out from the bottom.

    Zachary Wickliffe

    That’s actually what I’m going to do! My coworker just told me he’d lend me his MIG welder for the task.

    Once I get that, I’ll give it a go! I’ll report back with pics.

    Zachary Wickliffe

    Hey everyone, I tried the welder trick and it worked a treat! Pics:



    Hi Zach,

    Feel free to email me, if you still need a tool.


    I made one up a few years ago and I’d be happy to loan it out. Unfortunately, I’m not in the Detroit area anymore as I moved to the Irish Hills area, which only means I can’t bring it to most breakfast’s. But I try to attend the Pinckney breakfast’s so maybe that’s an option for you.

    email me for details.

    Rick G

    Zachary Wickliffe

    Hey thanks for the offer! Bearings all out and smooth as butter now! So no need.

    I do have a question for you, what grease would you recommend for the steering head bearings? I’ve heard red ultra duty works?


    Hi Zach,

    Any good quality wheel bearing grease should work fine. One of the tricks I learned for adjusting the pre-load is to have the bike OFF the centerstand. This allows the whole system to be loaded before you start tightening the slotted nut. Also, if you can have a helper hold the slotted nut from turning while you torque down the top nut, that helps.


    ’74 R90s

    ’04 R1150RT


    Zachary Wickliffe

    Hey everyone, for anyone who wants to keep up with the progress of the build, I started a thread here:


    It’s on a different forum, sorry about that. But the old gal is finally up and running! Going to go for a decent ride this weekend to shake everything down.

    Mike E

    Nice!  Will we see the bikes in Stockbridge at All Clubs Day?

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