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    I leave the house at 4:30 am every morning for work, and my route takes me either thru, or along a metro park which contains lots and lots of deer. Last year I updated my headlight bulbs to the Cyclops, and those were a great improvement, but I still wanted more light down the road.

    I bought these PLX LED CREE Spot lights from Pilot Automotive. I made up a nice wiring harness complete with relay, and wired it in to my high beam light. The lights are powered from the battery, but I tapped the high beam positive wire to trigger the relay.

    These have an 8 degree beam pattern, and are 1800 Lumen per light. They are BRIGHT in the daylight. Now I’m waiting for it to get dark so I can see how well they work.

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    Wow, these PLX LED’s really light up the road nicely. With these added to my F800 GSA, which came the factory aux lights, the light I have now is equal to my old R1200 GSA with Erika Clearwaters, but at a fraction of the cost.

    They’re well built, aluminum housing, nice wiring connectors, waterproof rating of ip67, and very affordable.



    Nice.  Do you know if they are able to be dimmed?



    They look like the PL-9731P.  The input voltage spec is 10-30vdc.  That implies that they maintain the designed brightness over a range of input voltages.  Below 10v, they will probably shut off.  Above 30v, they might overheat and shut off.

    Most LEDs can’t be dimmed.  Ususlly, the ciruitry inside will give a constant amount of power to the LED emitters over a wide range of input voltages. To dim the LEDs, you need a circuit within the housing that is designed for dimming.



    Nobody, these are non-dimmable as far as I know. I’m just using them when I’m able to hit the high beams.

    there could be some sort of wiring harness with dimming switch out there that has the smarts to make lights dimmable????

    but I just use them with my high beam light and it’s wonderful.

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