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    What hotel is the “Road and Trail – SE Ohio” event going to be based out of this year?

    I’m working on getting the time off work and SWMBO approval…


    Dave Allgood

    Sorry for the slow reply.  We will stay in Zanesville.  Probably the Comfort Inn or the Hampton Inn.

    Dave Allgood

    OK.  Book at either the Zanesville Hampton Inn, 1009 Spring Street, or the nearby Quality Inn, 500 Monroe St.  I am in the Hampton and there are better rates if you book on line.

    We will ride down Friday July 26 and ride home Monday July 28.  There will be rides Saturday and Sunday of 120 to 200 miles through the best roads East of the Rockies and North of the Smokies.  You can depart on Sunday if you want to save a vacation day, but you will miss at least a half day of great riding and the company of fellow TCD’ers for post ride dinner and cocktails.

    The ride will have a gravel road option or all street option.  We may see some sights in Hocking Hills State Park and a lot of curvy roads and verdant rural scenery.

    Please let us know who is going.  Routes will be published later.

    Paul Enderle

    Dave, I went with the Hampton Inn. If you have another GPS geezers mtg, keep me posted. And my schedule is: 6/24, 6/25 and 6/26 for this current schedule. More will be revealed. Paul

    Pat O’Neill

    I’m booked at the Hampton… hope to see a bunch of other road riders on this trip!

    Dale Estes

    Dave DeCook and I just booked at the Hampton.  That makes at least three street riders 😉


    I am a new member and interested doing this event. Are you planning to ride down to Zanesville  as a group? If Yes, let me know where to join you. FYI, I live in Canton MI.

    Uday Naik

    I am interested in road option. I have been a member for a year, but this will be my first ride with the group. Will book at Hampton inn. Let me know if the plan is to ride as a group.

    Mike E

    Most people often just meet down there on their own schedule.  But perhaps at least a couple of you can pair up for the ride down. (Uday/Anthony). You guys should exchange info and then let everyone know your plans in case others want to join.  That’s sort of how it works with our group.

    Dave Allgood

    I have a route leaving from BMW SEM.  I propose be there ready to ride (tank full, bladder empty) at 10AM on Fri.  The route is freeway past Toledo and mostly back roads and state hiways the rest of the way.  It will take about six and a half hours.

    I’ll post this route in a few minutes and the Saturday and Sunday road rides by the end of the week.


    @ Dave Allgood

    I am in, will be there.


    Room booked, two of us will meet up with y’all at BMWSEM on Friday for the ride down.

    Planning on the gravel road option for Saturday and Sunday unless weather says otherwise…


    Paul Enderle

    Jack Johnson is unable to log onto the club website but he gave me permission to anyone who doing this ride to Zanesville on the weekend of the 26th of this month and is staying til Monday and is willing to share a room with him, to call him and leave a message on his voicemail. He also told me, that when you call him to please be sure you to let him know your with the club. He can be reached at: (248) 752-2145. Thank you! Paul E.

    Jack Johnson

    Made new plans.


    Jeff Grimes

    I will be joining the group.  Riding down Friday, and returning Monday.  Interested in both road and gravel…one day with each group, I suspect??

    I am booked at the Hampton Inn, Zanesville.


    Caution booking online.  Some of the so-called travel sites are now tacking on “booking fees”, on top of the room rate advertised.  Booking through Expedia was $150 more for the 3 nights versus booking directly with Hampton Inn’s website.   Both “advertised” the same rate.

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