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    I see on the calendar that there’s a Road and Trail ride planned @ Hocking Hills, OH for Sept 21-24.

    Anyone have the info on accommodations and meet up time/location?





    Mike E

    We’re finalizing the details.  The plan is to ride down on Thursday, have on-road and dual-sport ride options on Friday and Saturday, then attend the AIM Expo show in Columbus on Sunday.  Ride home afterward.

    We have existing route options from the Ohio Ride last year, as well as some new ones.

    We are planning on staying at a hotel(s).  We will have more definite details in the very near future as far as the planned accommodations and meet up times.

    In the general area there are excellent GS type roads (dirt/trails/rough twisty pavement) as well as some excellent on-road rides.  The OH-555 the Triple Nickel is in the area and many other semi-famous paved roads.  Many of the GS riders are attending the Wailin Wayne event this weekend down there, and we’re hoping to have some scouting info from them as well.

    It would also be possible for someone to come down on Friday or Saturday as well if they only wanted to participate in one day ride, or just attend the motorscycle show with us.  Lots of options.




    Craig G

    Driving down on Saturday and have hotel room for night very close to Expo center.

    I have tix to show both Saturday & Sunday – see you guys down there.


    Mike E

    Craig – where are you staying?  Heading up there to stay on Sat night is an option.


    Craig G

    Red Roof Inn just down the street from the Expo Center.


    Dale Estes

    I found this loop a while ago that I’ve been wanting to ride.

    Rim of the World & Triple Nickel – HH



    I can’t do the whole Thursday-Sunday thing, but plan on going to the Expo on Sunday.  Maybe ride down and meet up on Sunday or otherwise maybe run into you guys at the show.


    Mike E

    OK – We’re getting close on this.

    We are checking hotels and will post the location tomorrow (Monday 9-18).  We will be staying either in Coshocton, OH or in Zanesville, OH.  They are about 30 miles apart.

    We have a combination of rides.  Some will be doing all road riding, some will be doing all dirt-road riding, and some will do a bit of both.  The option will be yours.

    I think we have at least 5 who have indicated they are coming down so far.  Please let us know if you are planning to attend and what your interest is (on road vs. dirt).

    The 555 (Triple Nickel) will be on the plan for the on-road riders as well as 258/284 which are great rides.

    For dirt, we have the routes from previous years in the Coshocton area, and some new areas to explore around New Straitsville.

    Several of us are riding down on Thursday the 21st.  If you are interested let us know.  Others may come down later in the weekend.

    Also, some of us will go to Columbus on Sunday morning to attend the AIM Expo.  Others may do more riding in the area before heading back.

    More to come…


    Dale Estes

    I’m leaving on Thursday also, strictly doing the road rides.


    Pat O’Neill

    Sounds fun!  Count me in for road riding. Been wanting to give the Triple Nickel a try.

    When on Thursday are you heading out?   Group ride? Let me know if you want another for the ride down.



    Dale Estes

    Hi Pat,

    So far, I’ve only talked to Mike E., who’s also going down on Thursday.  No time or meet up spot chosen yet.



    Finally got the DIRT LOOPS and Routes to and from Coshocton, OH . Download from the GPS Forum

    This GPX only contains Tracks and Waypoints. The number of points per track CAN exceed the limit of some GPS’s, pay attention when downloading for any error messages like “TRACK TRUNCATED” or “TRACK TOO LONG”. In that case, select TRACK, open and FILTER it down below the limit of your GPS.

    You can make ROUTES from these Tracks if you wish.

    Motel in Coshocton, OH.

    Downtown Motel 740-662-6607 rates were $62 for 2 people, 2 beds. Get a buddy and call now.

    We will leave from BMW SE MI at 9am BUTTS ON BIKE. If you want to follow me on backroads, it will take all day and the closer we get to our destination, I have baked in some dirt roads 🙂

    So the tracks down and back to MI are mostly pavement. The FRIDAY and SATURDAY loops are dirt and pavement.


    Pat O’Neill

    FYI… That phone number doesn’t work.

    The correct number is:  740-622-6607

    They have singles as well for $55/night.


    Mike E

    Downtown Motel
    Address: 723 Main St, Coshocton, OH 43812
    Phone: (740) 622-6607

    I will be going down mid-day, so I will meet everyone down there.

    I have some road-only (vs some dirt) routes, and we have Dale’s 555 loop for Road-Only Friday or Saturday.

    Should be fun!


    Pat O’Neill

    I’m planning on doing a Road Only route down on Thursday… leaving BMW SE MI at 9:00AM.

    I posted a possible route down in the GPX forum which avoids highways and Toledo.  But open to other suggestions or alternate routes.

    Would love to ride with others so let me know if you want to join.


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