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    I may have paid twice with Pay Pal ?  I clicked “Check Out” and never got a thank you or “your receipt has been sent” or “you have successfully paid.”  All I got was the same screen again inviting me to check out.  So I did.  Again.

    The “I’m not a robot” thing is hard for me as well.

    Ride safe.


    Dale Estes

    I went to your membership account and you are indeed paid up till February 2021.  Please don’t renew your membership again until you get a reminder from the website. The software we use to control the membership and payments knows when you’re renewal time is, and it will automatically send you a notice about two weeks beforehand.

    As far as a receipt from PayPal, that’s going to depend on how you’re account with PayPal is configured. Our website doesn’t handle any payments at all, it’s all done through PayPal and we have no control on how that’s handled.

    We have to have some kind of “gatekeeper” for the site, otherwise we get over run with fake users and spam from Russia and the Ukraine.  The clicking of one “I Am Not A Robot” checkbox is the minimum that I can configure. I can’t make it any simpler that that.


    Mike E

    We are happy to refund anyone who accidentally over-pays, but we also don’t mind if you renew for multiple years!

    There are a few folks who seem to renew every 6 months.  😉



    Thank you for explanation.  Hope to see all of the TCD peeps soon.  Dave M [2021]

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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