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    Donald Guadagni

    Hello All,

    I’ve been watching a lot of adventure videos and I noticed some of the bikes have a rear strobe brake light that flashes all of the time.
    Does anyone know where these can be found, I’ve found the flashers online, but none of them flash constantly like the ones in the videos.
    All comments are appreciated.

    Ride Safe!


    Not sure it’s legal for the brake light to flash all the time nor would I really want it to. My Clearwater Billie Brake Light does an initial flash, then stays steady on. Also, are you sure that’s not just camera frame rate causing the LED brake lights to appear to flicker? You’ll notice it on LED headlights as well.



    I’ve been using the Skene brakelight for 2 years now.  Higher visibility all around plus the initial flashing have cut down on tailgaters dramatically

    Mark & Angelique Bartreau

    I also use the Skene P3 lights, mine have been in at least one of the videos flickering away.

    I have used the same set on 3 different bikes now !


    Donald Guadagni


    Thanks for the feedback.

    My previous bike was a Goldwing, rear light visibility was not an issue.

    I’m a new member with a new to me RT1100, I really like the bike and I’m looking forward to riding and meeting all of you.

    Thanks again,

    Don Guadagni

    Dale Estes

    Like what James says above.

    Most likely the flashing that you’re seeing is a result of the exposure time the video was captured at.  Say the shutter collects light for 1/100 of a second, and the LED’s refresh rate was 50 cycles/second. Then, the amount of light a video frame collects would depend heavily on whether it is collecting light during the the “light” or “dark” part of the LED’s cycle.  This is the flashing that you’re seeing.  I get this in just about all of my videos when I’m following someone that has an LED brake light.

    Hope this help you out Don, look forward to meeting you.


    Donald Guadagni


    Thanks, this was helpful.

    Looking forward to meeting and riding with this group.

    Ride Safe.



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Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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