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    Marina Ackerson

    Is our club volunteering for anything at the RA?  Camping together?


    Dale Estes

    I’ve checked their website and didn’t see anything about “reserving” camping spots, more than likely it’s first come first served.  It would be nice for members to be close together, maybe put up our banner.


    Jeff H

    I volunteered to do some of the GS Giants stuff for the Rally.  There will be a Giants pop-up near the track and they might have a hangout spot in one of the horse barns.

    It doesn’t sound like they are offering anything for the charter clubs right now. The fairgrounds isn’t overly big, so shouldn’t be a problem finding people.





    What day you headed up to the Rally?   I am planning on attending.



    Jeff H

    Hey Rick,

    Since I’m volunteering I’m going to drive my truck up on July 5th. There is a one and two day Adv RAid to rally from Hell, MI. It would be good to see a group of TCD’ers do that.



    Eric VanDyke

    OK, now that the time is closer, I am able to commit to portions of the event.

    What are the accommodations? Are people from TCD staying at particular location?



    I’m planning on going and wouldn’t mind doing some trail riding with some others.  It’s been a while since I did any serious off-road rides with the TCD gang, so I may be a little rusty.


    Zach from IN



    FYI I found the GS Giants info with the GPX file links.  I would be happy to ride the route with someone leaving on Wed July 5.  I’d need a little time to get to Hell, MI as it’s about 2.5 hours from me.  Looks like a lot of the route is trails and roads I’ve ridden on other TCD events, but it’s been a few years.



    Marina Ackerson

    Jeff, I am volunteering and will be there on Wednesday.  Marina



    Jeff H

    Hey leahyz,

    I just got from Puebla for work, sorry for the late reply. Shoot me your info and I can post up for you. Let me know what time you want to meet people in Hell.


    Jeff Hunter


    Dale Estes

    Since I was unable to make it to the rally this year, I’m looking for anyone that attended who would like to do a short write up, along with some pictures for the main website.  If you’re interested, let me know and I can help out getting it on the front page.





    Here is a video from one of the rides from Saturday.  Mostly TCD’ers on this ride, but a couple others started out with us, but must have had early lunch plans as they didn’t finish the ride.  I believe the only guy that wasn’t part of the club that finished was Neil from NY that that rode up to the Rally with a few of us on Thursday morning.

    There were multiple ride options going out each day. Some hit the roads to enjoy the scenery, while others headed out into the trails to seek out new and undiscovered lifeforms living in the stagnant water crossings, with plenty of sand and some mud to mix things up.



    I had a bit different ride than others.  Met some new people, and all was good.

    I took off on Wed, and stopped in at Hell, MI to see if anyone was going to join me for the 2 day dirt ride.  No one showed, so I departed on my own.  The ride up was very well planned and suited well to a big bike.  I made the mistake of misreading (and just plain assuming) that at Evhart the plan was to ride the singletrack section.  The was not big bike friendly :).  A few miles of singletrack found me stuck in the sand a few times (Once buried up to the boxes) and a few dirt naps.  It also cost me the OEM skid plate on my ride (if you find one north of Evhart somewhere, it’s mine).  I laid back a little on the rest of the trip knowing my underside was now exposed.  The rest of the ride to Interlochen was well laid out.

    Wednesday night I met a group of 4 other BMW guys traveling from a variety of locations as far away as central FL.  They were road runners, but we had a good time hanging out and talking about our trips.

    Thursday the ride from Interlochen to Petoskey via Jeff’s GS Giant track was also very well thought out and better than the first day.  Bike still got a few dirt naps.  I rolled into the rally about 3:30 and ended up meeting up with a variety of folks I knew and meeting some new people.

    Friday I took a hiatus from dirt and rode with the guys from Interlochen down to Boyne for breakfast. We then took a leisurely trip around a loop of 2 lane paved roads, following the tunnel of trees around and finally getting up to Bessie’s Pasties in St. Ignace for lunch.  I have to say the knobs I was using (Kenda BB) did NOT like the mesh decking on the bridge.

    Saturday I grabbed breakfast with a fellow rider and split off to do some more dirt trails.  I started the Bellaire GS ride from Jeff Hunter’s tracks and did about half the loop.  I didn’t want to wear myself out as I was departing early Sunday.  I was finally grateful to see other big bike tracks on the trails i was riding.  Very fun riding and only 1 dirt nap.

    Sunday I broke camp early and made a quick ride home to Indiana.  I stopped off at Crago’s quickly as he offered me a replacement to my skid plate.  All told I rode about 11-1200 miles on the trip.  I give the Kenda BBs a thumbs up for off road traction but at the expense of wear.  Had I not displaced my skid plate I probably would have done more of the organized GS rides, but I also just like the solidarity.

    A big thanks to Jeff for the routes.  They were very well thought out and were very capable on a GS (if you stayed on them).  I could have spent many more hours out on the dirt as I missed a lot of what was planned.


    Jeff H


    Nice to meet you finally, and glad you enjoyed the routes. We could definitely spend more time up there running those routes.  I’m thinking we should find a campground on one of the lakes to use as base camp. The stuff near Lake Huron was also nice. See Shannon’s video above around 2:29.


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