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    Marina Ackerson

    Is our club volunteering for anything at the RA?  Camping together?


    Dale Estes

    I’ve checked their website and didn’t see anything about “reserving” camping spots, more than likely it’s first come first served.  It would be nice for members to be close together, maybe put up our banner.


    Jeff H

    I volunteered to do some of the GS Giants stuff for the Rally.  There will be a Giants pop-up near the track and they might have a hangout spot in one of the horse barns.

    It doesn’t sound like they are offering anything for the charter clubs right now. The fairgrounds isn’t overly big, so shouldn’t be a problem finding people.





    What day you headed up to the Rally?   I am planning on attending.



    Jeff H

    Hey Rick,

    Since I’m volunteering I’m going to drive my truck up on July 5th. There is a one and two day Adv RAid to rally from Hell, MI. It would be good to see a group of TCD’ers do that.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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