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    Greetings fellow riders,

    Does anyone have any advice on a good brand of bash plate, and engine guards for a R1200GS?

    BMW, Altrider, SW-Motech…….It’s all very confusing. If you read enough reviews everything sucks.  🙂

    Thank you,



    Mats Ceder


    It depends of intended use. If you are going to use the bike on the street and occasional gravel road then anything works.

    But if you plan on off road riding then I suggest the following:

    I personnaly like Touratech on the crash bars, really anything except the skid plat. Although they just released a new version and from what I can see a better plate. I prefer Black Dog for skid plates. Handles logs and rocks and is frame mounted.

    I am less concerned about the look of the bike since I personally think my GSA is ugly as can be but a great ADV bike.

    But Altrider and others are fine as well as far as crashbars go, but for real skidplates Black Dog is the only choice.

    I live in Rochester if you want to take a look how it sits on the bike.



    I have run the Hepco Becker bars on my 06 12GS since it was almost brand new.  I normally just run the lower bars, but I have the upper tank bars as well.  I can say they have provided good protection in hundreds of off-road tip-overs and one good pavement spill.  They are not stainless so they will rust if the powdercoat gets worn through, so that is  a consideration.

    For the bash plate, the best is the Black Dog and I am planning an upgrade.  I ran the OEM plate for many years and finally lost it on a trip last summer.  Greg hooked me up with his Wunderlich Extreme plate, but that is the same one he had on when he broke an engine casting.  Black Dog is the only one that I know of that does not connect to the motor in the rear.  Some searching on ADV Rider will show there are numerous reports of bikes breaking the engine casting with the plates that attach to the motor casing – OEM, or aftermarket.  If you are going to upgrade, go bomb proof.



    Cool. Thanks for the advice. Sounds like Black Dog is the way to go on the skid plate. I’m still undecided on the bars.



    So I have heard the BMW bars can flex, where some brands such as Altrider do not. Some argue that the flex is what you want so the frame isn’t damaged in a fall, where a stiff non-flexing bar could cause damage to the frame. Any one have any experience with either of those issues? I don’t plan on riding it like a motocross bike. However, if you ride with Greg you may have to ride down hills like this so I want to be prepared. 🙂



    Mats Ceder

    You don’t want any of the crashbars to flex. Some do because of their design and it is not a big deal as long as they don’t crack your valve cover’s if falling on solid rock.



    What year R1200GS are you looking to put bars on?

    If a CamHead (2010-2012) I’d recomend Altrider. That’s what I had on my 2011 R1200GS and they worked great the few times I needed them and Altrider customer service was terrific when I had and issue with a mounting plate.


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