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    Dave Allgood

    OK who’s interested in the Ohio gravel road ride?  There is no limit to the sacrifices we have gone to this week to scout out the best of rural Ohio riding.


    Dave Allgood

    I tried to post some teaser pics but the files are too large.  Anybody have some tips to get them posted?


    Mike E

    Dave – send them to me, or resize them to 800 x 600 to get the file size down.


    hundredmph farmer


    Just host them on a picture hosting site like  https://imgur.com/, then post links to them here, or grab the direct link to the pictures from the hosting site then embed them here.  This way you can post full resolution pictures with good detail.



    Interested…….being Memorial Day Weekend we do not have any motorcycle classes scheduled.   Any specific motel you plan on using?


    Dave Allgood

    The plan would be to meet in Pemberville OH at the Front Street Cafe Thursday mid morning (May 24), and ride to Zanesville.  I have a couple of routes we can consider.  I think we should stay at the Zanesville Fairfield Inn.  A backup location would be the Hampton Inn.  You need to book soon if you are going.

    We will ride Friday and Saturday on routes that we have checked out (mostly).  The gravel rides are scenic, not technical.  They are only about 30% or so gravel, but many of the semi paved roads are still more comfortable on a GS than a road bike.  The terrain is very hilly with nice views of local farms and some woods.  There is deep gravel, so street tires would be iffy, but probably doable.  There is one semi hero section for which we will set up a work around.  We have to reroute one section due to upcoming construction, so it will be unknown.

    There are several great road rides in the area and Mike E has promised to set up a couple for those that want to stay off the gravel.

    The ride back is on Sunday.

    Please let me know if you are going and if you are riding road or gravel.  


    Dave Allgood

    I’ll try again to post a couple of pics from the scouting trip.

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    Dave Allgood

    The Zanesville Farifield direct number is 740-453-8770.  I got a pretty good rate calling direct.



    Interested, but likely won’t be able to ride down until Friday morning.  If anyone else is interested in riding down Friday let me know and maybe we can get a non-retiree group ride down to meet up with the group. 🙂


    Dave Allgood

    I will post some routes today.  One set for Pemberville Ohio to Zanesville Ohio and back.  A second set will be the day rides in the area.


    let’s be ready to depart Pemberville at 10:00 AM on Thursday.  There is a Cafe and a coffee house within a couple store fronts there.  Get there early if you want breakfast or coffee.


    Greg Linton

    Would love to meet up on Thur, but work…

    I’m planning to take my KTM into the dealer this week for its 1000km spa day, so would be doing just the road routes on my Multi-strudel. (The Multi is capable of playing in the dirt, but Angel GTs are not much fun on anything more challenging than hard pack.)

    Any other road riders going? My inchoate plan is to ride down Friday afternoon, do the road routes Sat/Sun and take the long way home Monday am.



    Plan to ride down Friday morning and meet the group at the lunch spot


    Dave Allgood

    It looks like we have more road riders than gravel grinders.  I plan on doing the road rides on the RT.



    Riding down Friday morning with Jeff.  Not sure as to the route we are going to take, but we’ll get there.



    Shannon and I are meeting at 8AM Friday morning at the Pilot Travel Center at exit 18 on I75. We have reservations at the Hampton Inn in Zanesville Ohio. If anyone else is going to go with us, please let us know so that we don’t leave you behind.

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