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    Good afternoon,

    What’s to be expected on the OC ADV ride? My 1200 currently is missing the following:

    1) Knobby tires (Running Tourance next)

    2) Engine guards

    3) Cylinder guards (although I do have a set of Touratechs to install)

    4) Break and Clutch lever protection aka Bark Busters

    5) Good skid plate (running the default)

    As some of you know my gravel skills are already sub-standard. Thinking I may stay  home. I don’t want you guys to see me cry when I drop it. 🙂


    Craig G

    1200? Traded up from the 650? Pics are always good 😉

    The Oakland County ADV Route is mostly gravel roads with a some pavement thrown in for good measure. If same route as last year, there was only about a 2 mile section that got a little interesting due to rain. There is a bypass for this part though.

    I wouldn’t worry about missing bike protection and tires for this one. It’s pretty tame.



    Tame is good for me. I got no skills 🙂 I traded the 650 towards a 250. I’m breaking it in right now. RPMs aren’t supposed to pass 4K for the first 500 miles, then 6K for the next 500! It’s been like driving a moped around for hours, and hours. Needless to say the ride home from the dealer was a real treat.



    You’ll be fine.  Slap on the cylinder head covers you already have and come on out.

    This is just a nice back roads ride around Oakland county.  You won’t need the knobbies, won’t need the beefy skidplate,  and the stock handguards are good for one drop at least. 🙂

    What kind of 250 did you get?   Sounds like a bit of an old wives tale as far as keeping the rev’s under 6k for 1000 miles.   That would be several service intervals on a KTM before even being able to ride the thing.




    I got the new KLX 250 w/ fuel injection. It should be fun when I can turn the throttle more than 1/8 of a turn 🙂 Right now it feels like I am riding a bike that is just about to run out of gas the entire ride. Probably way overkill for sure.



    Nice.  Will be perfect for GLDS rides.  Meanwhile, ride that 1200GS this weekend. 🙂


    Mats Ceder

    Easy gravel road. One step below riding on tarmac. Any tires work. Any bike works.

    It’s a good road to practice on. Stand up and keep the weight on the outside peg and you will feel comfortable after a few miles.

    After you ge comfortable you can transfer more weight to the inside peg and get some nice controllers skids.

    I can help you with bike settings if you like.


    Mike E

    I have posted the updated routes and GPS files in the GPS forum.

    Oakland County ADV Ride – Saturday May 12th

    • Explore the dirt backroads of Northern Oakland County (+ Lapeer).
    • Great gravel road routes.
    • Meet for breakfast at 9:00 in Clarkston, MI at the Old Village Cafe, 2 S Main St, Village of Clarkston, MI 48346
    • Ride starts at 10:00 am
    • 80.9 miles  78.3 gravel road and 2.4 miles paved (with mostly all of the pavement at the very start and end)
    • Ride concludes at the Paint Creek Cider Mill 4480 Orion Rd, Rochester, MI 48306
    • Should be finished by 1:30

    Load up the GPS files if you are able.  We’d prefer to travel in small separate groups.


    Mike E

    Just for fun, I have uploaded the ride into Rever.  It’s a online tool that can use used to communicate rides, but most importantly, it has a ‘friend tracker’ so we can see where everyone is on the route who is using the app on the ride.  It also can be used as primary navigation for those who use their phones, vs a dedicated GPS.  (It’s back-up for everyone else)

    This would be very cool for when we do the MABDR, so if anyone is up for it – download the Rever App (IOS, Android) and join for free.  Join the ‘BMW Touring Club of Detroit’ Community and you’ll see the Oakland ride.  We can test it out.

    Website:  https://rever.co/

    Mobile app available in all the normal places…



    Mats Ceder

    Tried to download the gps files but I must do something wrong. I will give it another try tomorrow night.

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