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    Matthew Hill


    I’m new to living in the USA and I’m now the proud owner of my first bike, an F650GS!

    While I get used to riding over here, would anyone be willing to ride out with me on my first few rides? I live in Royal Oak, but need to pick the bike up from BMW in Rochester at the weekend.

    Generous payment in beer can be negotiated!



    Mike E


    I’d be happy to ride.   I’m in Royal Oak also, so it’s pretty convenient.

    I’ll send you a message.



    Mats Ceder


    I live in Rochester.  About 5 minutes from the BMW dealer. I will be happy to ride with you. You can reach me on my mobile (330) 860-4025.



    Welcome Matt.


    Matthew Hill

    Thanks for the offer Mats, I’m sorry I didn’t see your reply before now.

    Mike was kind enough to come meet me and guide me back to Royal Oak. He also lent me a heated jacket and took me on a bonus tour around once we got back to Royal Oak because I didn’t want to stop!

    I’ve been reading through the ride reports from last year and I can’t wait for summer now! Looking forward to meeting more of you soon.


    John Dixon

    Hi Matt/All. I’m a Michigan native, but new to the club. I’m in Washington Twp. Just starting to get the bike out on the random nice day. I’m always game to meet up and do a ride!


    Mike E

    John – I’m in that area a lot (I’m from Washington originally), so I’ll drop you a line when I’ll be up there sometime soon. What kind of bike are you riding – looking for pavement or dirt road rides?

    I have to scout new roads for the Oakland Co ADV route as well, so if that is of interest, let me know.

    (I also have to drop off some shirts up there soon as well…  I’ll get ’em there Mats!)


    Mats Ceder

    I am always up for a ride to. If you need company scouting let me know.


    John Dixon

    Cool, I have the Oakland County ride on the calendar, so was planning to join. Glad to help you scout that. I’m on a GSA, would love to find some decent dirt roads! Hit me anytime via text at 248 219 2900 or



    Sometimes I miss dirt roads.  I never miss sand.  Chasing Zach near Stockbridge two weekends ago in 33[f] and on snow covered dirt/gravel roads I missed my GS.


    Craig G

    Mike, I’m in for helping out on the Oakland County scouting ride. Let me know what days work for you.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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