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    Matthew Hill


    I’m new to living in the USA and I’m now the proud owner of my first bike, an F650GS!

    While I get used to riding over here, would anyone be willing to ride out with me on my first few rides? I live in Royal Oak, but need to pick the bike up from BMW in Rochester at the weekend.

    Generous payment in beer can be negotiated!



    Mike E


    I’d be happy to ride.   I’m in Royal Oak also, so it’s pretty convenient.

    I’ll send you a message.



    Mats Ceder


    I live in Rochester.  About 5 minutes from the BMW dealer. I will be happy to ride with you. You can reach me on my mobile (330) 860-4025.



    Welcome Matt.


    Matthew Hill

    Thanks for the offer Mats, I’m sorry I didn’t see your reply before now.

    Mike was kind enough to come meet me and guide me back to Royal Oak. He also lent me a heated jacket and took me on a bonus tour around once we got back to Royal Oak because I didn’t want to stop!

    I’ve been reading through the ride reports from last year and I can’t wait for summer now! Looking forward to meeting more of you soon.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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