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    Tom Herdt

    I just joined the club and haven’t had a chance to meet anyone yet, so I’m looking forward to doing that.  My question now concerns group camping at the MOA Rally.  I know from attending during previous years that many clubs have group camp sites.  Is this something that TCD does?  My wife and I will be attending and camping in our toy-hauler 5th wheel.

    Tom Herdt


    Mike E

    We haven’t done this in recent years, but we could look into it if folks are interested.

    Normally, there is a group photo scheduled, but other than that folks have preferred to do their own thing.  We seem to have a lot more people staying in hotels nowadays, etc.

    I think RV camping will be separated from tent camping as well.

    Tom Herdt

    Thanks Mike,

    That sounds fine.  I hope I get a chance to meet a few TCD folks before the MOA Rally.  If not, I’m looking forward to meeting some there.

    Best wishes,

    Tom Herdt


    I will be going to the MOA Rally. Lets start seeing how many club members will going? Also need to know how many will camping, staying in hotels, need room mates, etc…

    Keith Murray

    I am planning to go – could camp or hotel… Not sure yet.

    Pat O’Neill

    I am going as well… will be in a hotel. Holiday Inn Express in Mt. Juliet.



    Bill Stranahan

    Since everyone is chiming in, I will be going as well.

    Leaving Wednesday night, first night stop is in Cincinatti, then plan on being in Lebanon – Thursday midday. I’ll be in a hotel in town.



    Mark & Angelique Bartreau

    I am going, have a room in Gordonsville.

    Riding there on Thursday.

    Dave Allgood

    I’m in.  Probably leave on Wednesday before the rally taking mostly back roads and state highways.  Likely stay somewhere in KY on the way down.

    Tom Gary

    I’ll be there all week as the Rally RV Chair, in the RV camping area.


    Dan Houting

    New guy, just joined.  Will be camping at the Rally, interested in riding with a group or setting up camping with a group.


    I’m going.   Camping or hotel, not sure yet.

    Tom Herdt

    I’ve a question for Tom Gary (rally RV chair).  When I registered for the rally I paid for an extra day of camping, but there was no option to indicate a date.  My intention is to be there the day before the rally starts. Do you know if that will be a problem?

    Thank you.

    Tom Herdt

    Tom Gary

    Hi Tom:

    No problem, our presumptions are that anyone purchasing 1 extra day will arrive on Weds, as is your case. We  will be  sending to all RV Campers a informational email with details on arrival gates, and other pertinent info.

    Glad your coming to the rally, look forward to seeing you in Lebanon.


    Dave Allgood

    Who is interested in riding down Wednesday?  I have a 600 mile route with some freeway to Findlay then state roads to Lexington and a mix from there to Lebanon.  I would probably stay over around Paris or Lexington and arrive at the rally Thursday afternoon.

    Let me know who is in and we’ll set up a time and place to meet.


Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)
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