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    2009 K1300GT.  I bought it in October 2017 with 7k miles on it.  Now 10,800 mi.    The previous owner installed new Michelin Road Pilot 4 GT’s in Sep. 2014 when the bike had 1,900 miles on it.  I now show 4/32 to 5/32 tread depth at the most shallow spot (center of tires).  What was new tread depth ?  How many more miles of tire life can I expect ?  My tire tread gauge shows “red” for less than 5/32 depth.  Is there a different gauge for cars as opposed to motorcycles ?  Thank you.  Dave M


    Tom Gary


    IMO 8900 miles is excellent wear on a performance bike. The wear bars are set at 2/32 , so i try to change mine at 3/32. You can probably get another 1000 miles  at the most. Not sure about the question of different gauges, but suspect they are the same. As a FYI I only get 6500 to 7000 on my PR4GT mounted on my K1600GTL.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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