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    Jim Micallef

    Heading down to Telco Plains Tn, Wednesday night with my sons , ready to ride at noon on Thursday 3/22/18

    Planning on a pot of Chili for Thursday night, any Michigan folk  want to get together for a potluck and beer?

    ​​​​​​​Jim Micallef


    Jim Micallef

    I see 21 Michigan riders registered. Does the club do a potluck Thursday eve usually, do you join in at the main area , or just do your own thing for dinner on Thursday?


    Jim M.

    PS: I have a large truck camper, and will be pulling a 4 bike trailer, will I be allowed to camp in the main area or will I have to go across the stream in overflow: does anyone know, I think they are a stricter about size limits, now, do not know if the count the attached trailer as part of overall lenght?




    Mike E

    Typically, the club all camps near the bottom of the hillclimb.  I’d bet you’d be fine there, but I’m not sure about any new limits – everyone usually has a truck & trailer in the area.

    I think there will be a canopy in the middle with a propane fire pit for everyone to gather around.

    I only went last year, but I don’t think there has been much of a pot-luck amongst our group.  The BBQ joint in town was excellent though!



    Paul O


    Thursday night you can cook what you brought in the open air kitchen there.  We hope to bring a small fire pit we can grill on and should be grilling Thursday night

    • Look for the below trailer hopefully in the area of the hill climb
    • Also do you have tracks, I can email them to you, below  is a summary of the tracks/rides
      • I just posted them in the GPS Forum
    • Hope to see you guys there


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