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    Marina Ackerson

    Is anyone planning on going if the weather gods cooperate? Marina


    Kevin Quinn

    OH I think I am going. The weather looks better up there than down here. I think only 30% chance of water up north. I know of a few other folks who are planning on going. I myself will be up there, going to the dinners and hanging around the old campfire. I will not be camping there, will be staying down the road in the RV. Like the comfort


    Dave Allgood

    Leslie and I will be going up Friday along with Tom and Debbie Gary (on the road bikes). We will stay at the Honor Motel. Leslie thinks that is camping.
    Is there a meeting place for dinner Friday night (Karlins?)?



    The bike is packed and I’ll be leaving from “WORK” around 4:00 pm. I’ll be camping cause the misses is not coming along (booohooo) Hope to see ya up there


    Jeff H

    Maintenance is done on bike and camping gear is packed. Hoping to take a 1/2 day on Friday and be there in time for dinner. Won’t be able to make that call until tomorrow afternoon. Please keep me posted on dinner plans but don’t wait for me.

    I think Jim May is coming up and maybe Rob too. Looks like a large portion of the dirt crowd has fallen out…no Doug R., Mike D., Kevin G. or Paul O.


    Jeff H

    For dinner we ate at the Hofbrau last year. Nice place and closer to both Cyclemoore and Honor Motel. Also has 52 beers on tap :mrgreen:



    Marina Ackerson

    WHAT TIME FOR DINNER. Still not sure if I will be there, but if I do, will meet you all for dinner.


    Dave Allgood

    Let’s gather at the camp around 6 and go from there to the Haufbrau. If anyone is going to be arriving after that either meet us at the Haufbrau or give a call so we can wait a bit.



    All the pictures in one zip file. Download to your computer and unzip.






    Thank you BMCAW for the GREAT pictures.
    I know it is a lot of work to be zooming ahead, setup, shoot, pack-up, and zoom ahead again.
    Thanks for bringing your high quality camera on this ride.



    Videos are posted here.

    Grab what you need, download to computer for best quality viewing.




    Thanks again BMACW, for a STEADY HEAD while shooting fantastic video, much appreciated.




    The read slide caliper pin can get gunked up and rusty if you don’t keep it clean.
    After I get muddy, I clean the rear rotor, pads, and lube the slide pin.
    I also remove the front pads and clean out the groves in the pads, clean the rotors and lube both slide pins.

    Remember to use BRAKE CLEANER, and not just Carb cleaner.

    Post questions if you have any.



    Carpe Diem, Tomorrow!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)

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