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    Once again, I will be meeting riders at Uncle John Cider mill on US-127 north of Lansing at 9am and I will leave at 10am. I will get some routes posted on the GPS FORUM.


    This is a FULLY LOADED off road adventure, which are good skills to have if you plan on making trips with your Dual Sport Bike.

    KNOBBY TIRES highly recommended.

    If you are skilled enough, this is a very adventuresome ride, just ask other members that have done this. We will ride Dirt from Evart, MI to Interlochen, MI and will arrive before dusk. Leaving Friday addes more fun to an already fun-packed weekend.

    Once I Post ROUTES and TRACKS, please download them into your GPS. We will be DEEP in the WOODS and having TRACKS loaded, will keep you on the correct Trail.


    Darryl Smith

    Hi Greg, if I can get the tracks loaded I will run Fridays route backwards and hopefully meet your group somewhere on the trail.



    If anyone wants to do meet up to do a group ride up to St. Johns, chime in.  Last year a couple of us met at Dunkin Donuts @96/Wixom Rd. for the relatively boring ride up to the Cider Mill.

    Thinking maybe meet there ~8am, possibly grab a quick coffee and head up to meet up with the rest of the group.



    JP Vos
    1. I might be game for meeting at DD off 96. Leave me your cell in case I couldn’t make it, mine is 2488857844
    2. It is my first “loaded bike” adv ride: Should I avoid at all cost the hard BMW side cases for dirt riding (potential pinch point) and load my tent and gear on passenger spot and rear rack? Or keep these very useful side cases?

    JP Vos

    Also just a reminder/clarification. I was told this WE during the Oakland County adv ride that we needed ORV and ORV trail licenses for the Interlochen dirt ride. I found mine at Meijers in the Sporting goods section desk.



    I wouldn’t worry about using your hard panniers, many people do.   You can ditch them for the Saturday ride, but definitely useful to haul your gear for the trip.  Also doubles as a makeshift beer cooler.

    I’ll send you a message with my cell #, so it’s not hanging out here on the web.




    Forgot to mention the ORV Stickers. You will need 2 of them. TRAIL and ORV, about $36.

    I have been riding with hard bags for 17 GS YEARS, and only got pinched because I dragged my foot behind the falling bike (don’t do that, just let it fall)

    I would also keep you BOXES on the SATURDAY ride if it contains your air pump, patch kit tools, water, snacks, etc.

    You need to always ride with everything you need to repair you bike in the woods, or get you bike out of a mud hole.

    LUNCH NOTICE: We will ride to Evart, MI and gas up. BRING SNACKS and WATER on the RIDE!

    I don’t want any of you getting light headed because of lack of food, or water. There are plenty of restrooms in the woods. I will stop in MESICK at the BP gas station on HWY-115 for LUNCH.

    This is going to be challenging, but a very good taste of what Michigan Off-roading can be for larger Dual Sport bikes. These are all 2 tacks. If we run into a blocked trail, we will go around.

    Ride you own ride. DO NOT TRY TO KEEP UP WITH THE SPEEDRACER IN FRONT of you. If you get hurt, they will have to bring an ATV ambulance into the woods to extract you. (never saw one before, that’s why I go slow)

    We are out to have fun, if you are not having fun anymore, we will get you to a hard pack or paved road and you can Route yourself to the campground.

    You will be dropping you bike, be prepared. I have no windshield and my mirrors and turn signals fold in.






    I’ll meet you at Evart trailhead around 11:30 on Friday.  Have a good ride up!




    Doug, I can call you from the road with an ETA to the Evart Trailhead. If you are coming from the North, I would just ride the FRIDAY TRACK BACKWARDS and we will meet you somewhere, that way you won’t have to wait for us.



    Make sure all riders have my phone number, it is in the membership list. I will be able to anwser calls from the trail anytime, so call me so I can answer questions, tell you where the group currently is, give you ETA to LUNCH or CAMP. Let’s keep in touch.

    If you loose track of the group, or breakdown, or wipe out, DO NOT LEAVE THE TRACK, we can find you if you stay ON THE TRACK, if you make a wrong turn, you are on your own and we cannot find you!


    Craig G

    I will see you guys at the cider mill between 9-10am!

    Craig Grissom


    Craig G

    Just to confirm; the trail (off-road) portion starts at Evart? Thats why there are no tracks south of there? I just downloaded and looked at the files in Basecamp.

    Sorry if this seems obvious, I’m a Longest Day noob 😉

    – Craig G



    Since we are meeting at Uncle John’s Cider mill it is just a straight SLAB ride North to CLARE and ride WEST on M-10 to Evert. So I didn’t make a TRACK for that.

    If you load the WAYPOINTS file. I added Waypoints for Uncle John’s and a Gas Station in Evart where we can gas up and snack up for the wee ride to the trailhead where we might meet up with some more riders. The most important part is the trails.

    You can make a Track or Route from Uncle Johns to Evert if you wish.


    Eric VanDyke

    I cannot leave Friday morning. I plan to ride the tarmac to Cycle More Friday late afternoon. See you all upnorth.


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