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    Dale Estes

    We’ve got the major portion of the planning for the circle tour done and uploaded to the event calendar. This looks to be a fantastic week of riding and sight seeing. It’ll be a fairly leisurely pace, 300~350 miles a day average.  We’ve got some stops built into the routes and times so you’ll get to take a break and check stuff out.

    There’s a copy of the itinerary on the event page that lists all of the camp grounds and their phone numbers, start making your plans and reservations as soon as you can.  This is going to be a great ride.




    This looks like a stellar ride, and I’ve always wanted to ride around Lake Superior.

    I will join this ride IF, I can work out the vacation time.


    Craig G

    Wow – this ride looks fantastic! Great work guys!  Will definitely try to make room for this one.


    Dave McFall

    one of the bucket list rides I have never done. Count me in, I will start making reservations. thanks for doing all the planning.


    Dale Estes

    Good to hear from you Dave, it’s going to be a great trip.


    Gary Mayes

    Has anyone made reservations for the Canadian campsites?  It looks like you can reserve a site for multiple tents.


    Dale Estes

    Gary,  Pat and myself have already doubled up on the campgrounds, but I’m sure that someone will be looking for another person to share camp spaces with.  Just keep an eye out here, someone will post soon.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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