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    Craig G

    Probably between 7:30-8:30 depending on when I leave work.


    Jeff H

    Anyone know the head count for the off road DS adventure riders?

    1. Paul O
    2. Mike E
    3. Doug R
    4. Craig R
    5. Craig G
    6. Kevin G
    7. Scotty P
    8. Shannon A
    9. Greg L
    10. JP
    11. Jeff K
    12. Darryl S.
    13. Jeff S?
    14. Seth ?
    15. Shawn (offroad?)?
    16. Swamp (offroad)?
    17. Jeff H

    Darryl Smith

    I plan on riding the silver creek orv trail Fri. afternoon. It is a 34 mile loop just north of Newberry. Anyone care to join me I will be at the trail head at 3 pm. Cell phones don’t work so well in that area so just show up if you decide to go.



    Jeff H – I will be riding the “Road Route”. Don’t have the tires, nor the back to be riding sand like that on a big bike.


    Dave Allgood

    If anyone wants to join me for the ride up to the UP on Friday, I’ll meet at the Speedway Cafe at Old 23 and 59.  Arrive early for coffee and a snack, we’ll depart at 9:30 AM.  The route is all pavement, with backroads to 127, a possible stop in Clare at Cops and Donuts for lunch, and then freeway on up to St. Ignace.

    Please let me know if you joining.  I probably won’t stop at the Speedway if nobody is going to be there.


    Paul Enderle

    Dave, I’m in. Paul


    Dave Allgood

    I put the trac I’ll use on the GPS forum.


    Greg Linton

    I’m out. Will be enslaved to GM LLC for the next few weeks, if not longer. Have fun playing in the sand!

    Greg L


    Seth H

    I’m out as well, unfortunately. I’ll see you guys on the color tour.



    @Jeff H……    18. Rick M. (Might have to take non-hero sections and meet you guys at crossroads father up track).   I will be working on pictures to earn “points”.

    @ Dave A.    I will probably join you for the ride up…..BUT….I am DEFINITELY stopping at Cops & Donuts for lunch.   See you at Speedway Café —-you will hear me before you see me. 🙂




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    Mike E

    That looks like the Cops & Donuts delivery vehicle!

    I’ll have a Bavarian Cream.



    @Mike    Sure,  But for every donut I deliver, you have to transfer 10 pts from your total to mine.  And if I get involved in a pursuit on the way up, I may have to use your donut as a Less-Lethal weapon….just saying.


Viewing 12 posts - 46 through 57 (of 57 total)

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