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    Mike E

    I’m in.  Sandfest it is.


    Greg Linton

    Mike, my Mutley-strudel needs a tune up, so I’d have to spoon some TKC70s or something similar on the KTM to ride that much tarmac. Are you doing the sand fest on your GS? If so, I should just man up and do it.



    My plan is to leave Thursday morning and head over to Manistee, and start the M-22 route north up along Lake Michigan into the Leelanau peninsula. Camp Thursday night somewhere along that route, and finish M-22 on Friday morning ending in Traverse City, then make my way up to St. Ignace to meet up with the group late Friday afternoon at the Pines Motel.



    Are we planning on a group dinner somewhere in St. Ignace Friday evening? And is so, any idea as to what time?


    Craig G

    Last year we ate at the gas/convenience store next to the hotel.



    Mike E

    Maple planked whitefish at the Driftwood would work for me.  Time TBD on when I’m able to get out of  the office.

    Or the gas station next to the motel…

    I think the biggest problem, is that many of us don’t know what time we’ll be arriving.



    Wow, you guys live it up! LOL!!!!!!!

    I’m buying you guys T-shirts!


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    Wait a minute, I just checked the gas station next to the Pines Motel. I stand corrected, that place has got a great selection and cover all the major food groups!

    OK, what time are we having dinner at the Pines Trading Post! LOL!!!!

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    Dave Allgood

    Pavement routes are posted in the GPS Forum.


    Jeff H

    Dual Sport / Adventure tracks are posted in the GPS Forum.  Below are my notes.

    Greg Crago and I put together the tracks using our active tracks from last year, and our “best guess” at what roads will be open.

    Cliff Notes:

    Tracks are labeled in order from 01 – 04.

    • Day one is magenta tracks 1-2
    • Day two is cyan tracks 3-4
    • Anything in green is an alternative route

    Day 1

    • Trk 1 includes RACO field. Not sure if this site will be open for tourism
    • Trk 1: There is an Alt route to Whitefish Pt for site seeing (11 miles one way)
    • Lunch
      • Brown’s Fish House in Paradise is my favorite stop for lunch
      • Fresh Coast Cafe is an excellent sub place just south of the intersection in Paradise
      • There’s food at Tahquamenon Falls, however there was a line to get in the park last yr
    • Trk 2: Rainbow Lodge / Mouth of Two Hearted River: The main route does not go through this area. There is a green alt route called “Rainbow Lodge” that is much more mundane than the sand hell we did last year.

    Day 2

    • Trk 3: The bridge over the West Branch Fox River is pretty much done and is closed. So I’ve routed east of that and over a bridge on the Fox River. If that bridge is not passable then there are two alternative routes to try. None of these have been proofed.
    • Trk 4: east of 117 are all roads through private land. I’ve included routes that were proofed last year and my best guess at what would be open. No guarantees. If nothing has changed since last year then these should all be open.

    Craig G

    Thanks Jeff H & Greg!


    Paul Enderle

    Hey I’m heading up to st. Ignace next week on Friday early and would be interested in riding along with anyone else who’s going. Paul E. (Canton)

    PS  You can find my cell phone # on the roster in the forum.


    Paul Enderle

    Shawn, are you all set on the UP ride? If not, please contact me and I’ll update you. Paul E. From Canton

    PS my contact info is on roster in forum.



    Anyone have any idea yet as to your arrival time in St. Ignace? Just trying to plan my Friday ride from Frankfort.


    Paul Enderle

    I’ll be there sometime about 3ish More than likely give or take30 min. Paul

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