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    Dave Allgood

    Are we doing Thursday thru Sunday or Friday thru Monday?  I prefer Friday night in St. Ignace, Saturday night in Grand Marais, and Sunday back in St. Ignace.  Some will just boogie on back home Sunday night.

    There will be a road ride as well as the usual sand hell, so if you want to bring a touring bike i” put together some routes.  Whitefish Point light house, the Falls, whatever you want to see.  let me know because I won’t do it if no one is coming.


    Mike E

    Friday night in St Ignace and Sat in Grand Marais, and Sun back to St Ignace / Home.


    Greg Linton

    I would attempt this on my 1090R provided there aren’t too many deep sand + ascents/descents. Our novice group in Barrie spent a good hour getting up that one steep sandy section. Once I figured out the speed, I made it up in 2 mins. But that section was 100 yards, not miles long, and I had paid helpers to assist in getting my unladen bike off its side.


    Mike E

    The U.P. ride has been described as having “soul- crushing sand”.  This one is the super bowl of sand.  Miles and miles of the siltiest stuff on earth.

    I’ve not ridden it yet.

    It’s why many take their small bikes.  There is a paved option this year though!




    There was definitely a soul crushing sand section last year.  By section, I’d guess a few miles.  Maybe it just seemed longer than it was because I was hallucinating, but regardless – tough (for me anyway).

    But, I can’t remember any ascents/descents of any magnitude, so that is something.   All that said, it’s a great ride.


    Craig G

    I’m in, and will be hitching one of the KTM’s up to St. Ignace.  🙂



    The new dates make it possible for me to attend now. I’ll be doing the road route.



    I will be tagging along! Planning to ride my 450, will be trucking up to St. Ignace.



    Dave Allgood

    Hope to have routes (Road and Sand) posted by Saturday.


    Dave Allgood

    Road Riders

    I’m looking for feedback on a a couple of possible stops on the Sunday ride from Grand Marais back to St. Ignace.  We can go to Kitch-iti-kipi or to Fayette State park.  Both have some interesting things to see.  Is there interest and which would you prefer?



    I vote for Kitch-iti-kipi as I’ve never been there. The glass bottom raft looks pretty interesting.



    Kevin Gao

    Here is a playlist of some of the UP rides in years past.

    It’s not for the faint hearted. But 1090R will be a good bike for the trip if you are used to riding in sand.

    The sandy sections are deeper but quite a bit wider too. Also plenty of roads to go around them if you decide to bail.


    Greg Linton

    Thanks for the playlist. Some of those tracks would be outside my comfort zone, for sure. The bike is plenty capable, but the pilot less so. The thought of lifting the 500lb behemoth off its side for the 13th time is not appealing.
    When y’all say “road route” is that opposed to “off road”? Meaning we would be on mostly dirt/gravel?


    Mike E

    Dave would need to confirm, but I think it’s ‘no dirt’.  Pavement all the way.  Multistrada territory….



    Whatever route you come up with Dave is fine with me.

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