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    Does any one have more information on the UP ride for this summer?  Looking for details such as route info, is it camping or motels, where and when we are leaving, etc. I’m interested and more information will help me plan.



    Mike E

    Working on the details.  We had to move it up a week due to festival in Grand Marais.

    We’ll have more info soon.

    It will be starting in St. Ignace, then going to Grand Marais.


    Darryl Smith

    So just to be clear what are the dates for this ride


    Mike E

    Aug 2-5 2018.  There is a music or art festival on the original dates.

    We need to get a head count of those interested to understand if these dates will work.

    Who’s in?



    I am planning on making the UP ride – on the new date.  Doug


    Seth H

    I’d like to join. Curious what tires the off road guys are running. Seems like knobbies won’t be pleasant for the slab commute to St. Ignace.



    Knobbies are a requirement.  There will be miles of sand that you cannot ride on an 80/20 (street/dirt)tire.  TKC 80’s are a pretty popular choice on the big bikes.  They are also good road tires too.  You will need to KNOW you can ride sand before this ride.  This is not the place to learn how to ride sand.  Spending some time in Maumee, Ohio on the off road area or in St Helen to work on your sand riding skills is a prerequisite.


    Craig Renneker


    There will be sections that are VERY sandy.  The knobbier tire will make a big difference there.  What bike will you be riding?  Others on the site will likely have many good tire recommendations.



    Seth H

    I’m on a KLR 650 w/ plenty of time in the sand. I ran the D606 last year but only got 1,500 miles out of the front! Just wanted to take the temperature and see what the other big bike guys are running. The commute to St Ignace is brutal on such aggressive knobbies.


    Darryl Smith

    Count me in for the new date for the UP ride.



    I can’t commit yet, but pretty sure I’m in. I should know soon. Is anyone riding a small bike that wants to take some non-freeway routes up? I want to take my 250. It should hang in there on the freeway but that’s not my preference. Especially for 4 hours. 🙂



    Might want to see if you can get together with somebody with a trailer to get to the start.



    I’m in btw.


    Seth H

    I’m considering picking up a small bike and throwing it in my truck. Might be able to work something out.


    Mats Ceder

    Can’t do the new dates so I am out.

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