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    Dave Allgood

    It is time to get ready for our Hoosier National Forest Ride.  This ride is on public roads, but they are mostly gravel.  This is an adventure bike ride.  There are a few hero sections that should not be attempted without knobbies.  There are work arounds for those who wish to avoid them, and if the weather continues to be as wet as it has been we may all want to seriously consider options.

    We  are using the same basic route as last year, but running it backwards so those who bugged out early on Sunday will get to see some new stuff.

    We will depart Shelbyville IN on Saturday June 10 and ride to Tell City, IN.  On Sunday June 11 we will return to Shelbyville.  We will return to the Detroit area on Monday.  You may be able to boogie  on home Sunday night if you prefer.

    On the morning of Friday June 9 I will leave from Saline MI and take back roads down to Shelbyville. No hero sections for this.   Anyone who wishes may join, but it requires you to be available for the whole day on Friday.  If you want to meet in Shelbyville on Friday night or Saturday morning you will need to make your own route for this.

    Please make your reservations as follows:

    Friday, June 9 – Econolodge in Shelbyville, IN – phone 317-398-0481

    Saturday, June 10 – Ramada Inn in Tell City, IN – phone 812-547-3234

    Sunday, June 11 – Econolodge in Shelbyville, IN – phone 317-398-0481

    There are nearby options for both if they are full.  Shelbyville is close to a casino and there is a fishing tournament near Tell City, so don’t put off making your reservations.  Post on the forum if you want to share a room.

    Preliminary routes will be posted in the GPS forum.





    FINALLY have a free weekend to join you guys for a ride.  Reservations made!!

    What time and where in Saline are you leaving on Friday morning?





    Dave Allgood

    Keep watching the forum.  I’ll post a time when the route is ready.


    Dave Allgood

    For those who want to take the long slow way down on Friday, let’s meet at the City Limits diner in Saline.  It’s on 12 West of the center of town.  Meet at 9ish for breakfast.  We will depart at 10:00 am.  Let me know if you plan to be there so we don’t leave without you.  The route is posted in the GPS forum.


    Dave Allgood

    OK who else is going?

    Has anyone successfully loaded the Routes?

    I may be able to get my brother to drive us to a local micro brewery in Shelbyville for dinner Friday night.


    Darryl Smith

    Count m in. I will meet up with you guys in Shelbyville around 7pm.



    Dave Allgood

    Slightly revised routes have been uplaoded to the GPS page.


    Harry Jones

    I’m in and plan to  meet for breakfast Friday AM.

    I downloaded the earlier route and it looked fine. We grab the update.

    BTW, I was confused about this event because our calendar shows it starting on June 8th.



    Dale Estes

    That was my mistake, it’s been corrected.  When I make all of the events at the beginning of the year, I take most of the information from last years event and change the dates accordingly.  I clicked the wrong starting date when I did this event.  Thanks for letting me know.


    JP Vos

    Hi Dave, I don’t think I will be able to participate, but should I be able to meet in Shelbyville I would like to have your cell # to contact you. Mine is 248 885 7844.


    Gary Mayes

    Hi Dave,   I would like to catch up with you on the track down to Shelbyville.   I’m planning on taking 127 down.  I think we will intersect around Sherwood Ohio.    My phone # 517-930-6478.

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