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    Tom Decker

    does anyone have a GPS unit I can borrow until the end of the month ?  My Garmin 1450 decided to punk out just before I need it for a trip this month.  thanks

    Harry Jones

    Hey Tom, I have a Garmin Montana 650 you are welcome to borrow. You can get my number and or email in the members area.

    Paul Enderle

    Hey Tom, I have a zumo 665lm for sale cheap! Paul

    P.S. Has latest software version loaded on it.

    Greg Linton

    Hi Paul, I’m looking to replace my old Nuvi 550. Is your Zumo still for sale?

    Paul Enderle

    Greg I have a Zumo 665lm that I’m selling. It has lifetime maps hence the lm. Also, it come with an auto mount as well as the cycle mount. Price negotiable. Paul

    Greg Linton


    I’m interested. Trying to decide between this and a new Zumo 396.

    How much are you asking?

    How long have you had it?

    Greg Linton,

    Paul Enderle

    Greg, well it was about an $800 item so I was thinking bout $250 with all the fixings. And I had had it bout 3+ years. Also, it comes with 2 litho batteries. But I don’t know what I did with the manual. Although would be to help you out or the gps geezers that meet every now and again. It is a very reliable gps. It has served me well. Greg.

    Paul Enderle

    Greg, I will be at SE BMW on the 18th of this month for demo days and can bring my Zumo up there if I knew in ahead of time that you would be there. Maybe that would you to make a decision on which gps to run with. Paul

    Greg Linton

    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for the info. I have the open house on my calendar, so that sounds like a good plan. If you live anywhere near Novi, perhaps I could stop in one day after work.

    Paul Enderle

    Greg, I’m from the Canton area but my cell phone is 734-634-0506. If  you want to give me a heads up when you arrive at SE BMW on the 18th, that would be no problem. Paul

    Paul Enderle

    Greg, my unit does not TFT which is a really nice feature and the other one you were looking at the  396 Zumo does. What that does if you don’t already know, enables you to visualize the screen better especially on a really bright sunny day which is one of the reasons I bought the 600 Montana. If we’re you, the Zumo 396 would be a better buy in my opinion. Unless your looking for other features that the 396 doesn’t have. Paul

    Greg Linton


    According to this comparison, the screens look to be virtually the same.

    That said, I do like some of the other 396 features that the 665 does not sport. Plus, I’ve not had great luck with used electronics, so the 1 yr warranty is probably a safer bet for me.

    Thanks for your candor!


Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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