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    Paul O

    This weekend is the GLDSMC Devils Lake Ride, with camping in the Irish Hills.  There is an approx. 130 mile track that goes as far North as Hell, then Drops down to the Irish Hills.  Perhaps 70% of this track is gravel roads

    If people are interested in joining I plan the following

    1. Meet at the Shell Station at 5 Mile and Beck and depart for Dexter at 9:30 Sharp.  Will travel via mostly gravel roads to Dexter
    2. Meet at Joe and Rosies Coffee in Dexter and leave at approx. 10:30.  Will leave Dexer via Island Lake Rd and pick up the track heading North to Hell and start the track, eventually getting to the Camp in the Irish Hills.

    If interested in joining post up or be at one of the meeting points


    May 2 Update:

    Meeting at 5 and Beck

    • Eric   R1200 GS
    • Greg  1090R
    • Me Red F800 GS
    • JP? R1200
    • Shanon? R1200

    + Meeting at Joe and Rosies

    • Riccardo?
    • Jack?
    • Bruno?



    Greg Linton

    I’m in. See you at the Shell station. Looks like a good way to christen my new 1090R.



    Paul O

    I just loaded two other tracks that leave from the GLDS camp in the Irish Hills  one runs north similar to the Hell and Back track we will take down there.  The other runs west from Camp




    Jack Johnson

    Friends Tom, Nick and I will meet up with you guys at Dixboro and Five mile.


    Craig G

    Count me in on the 690.

    See you at 5 Mile & Beck @ the Shell station.




    How is the 690 as a trail bike?





    I’m in.  Will meet you guys at the 5mile/Beck Shell.


    Craig G


    The bike is great off-road! Had it down at March Moto Madness in TN and loved it. Much lighter than F800GS, so its easier to handle and more capable when it gets gnarly.

    However, its also not as comfortable on-road for the same reasons its better off-road. I am finishing up installing a Britannia Composites Lynx R fairing with top/bottom rally-type light, dashboard for relocated stock instrument panel and high mount gps location, as well as an adjustable windscreen which should help in the comfort department.

    This first GLDS ride out to Hell & back should be a good trial of the new fairing/lighting/gps, as well as the larger footpegs (Black Dog), lowered brake pedal (Cleanspeed), and side stand enlarger (cheapy from eBay). I will probably install the Mosko Reckless 40 on the bike too so I have some luggage capacity for jacket liners, multiple gloves, etc as well as tools.



    Just to be clear, you guys are meeting this Saturday morning aka 5/5/2018? I may be in. Where are you camping, and do I need to make a reservation in advance? Looking at the bikes I assume a 650gs will work?

    I am working on a trade deal for the 650 so I’m not in 100% but I should know by tomorrow night.

    Thank you, and thanks Craig for the info.



    Craig G


    The folks meeting Saturday, 5/5/18, at the Shell station at 5 Mile & Beck for the GLDS He’ll & Back Ride are not camping. It is just a meet, do the ride, leave for home kind of a day. No overnight stay or campground reservations are required.

    A 650GS will work just fine for this ride. 🙂

    BTW, I’ve still got my F800GS if you are interested. I can send you pics/info if you like.


    Paul O

    650 GS is perfect for this, F800 GS or TE 630 for me will be a game time decision ,,,, may need the F800 to keep up the plethora of KTM’s we expect




    Ah okay, great. I saw “getting to the camp” and thought it meant everyone was camping. That’s good, less I have to transport 🙂

    I’ll let you guys know tomorrow if I can make it.

    Thank you


    Greg Linton

    Thanks to Mike for sacrificing his name tag magnet. The “field engineering” got me home safely.

    Sorry for holding you guys up, but I’m sure schadenfreude directed at my Austrian wonder will more than make up for the lost time.

    Will be ordering a bypass dongle shortly…

    In the meantime, let the KTM shaming begin… 🙂

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    Mike E

    Greg – Glad to hear you made it back OK.

    It only took a couple of minutes to get things worked out, it wasn’t any problem at all.

    We all know how to fix magnetic switch side stand switches now too!

    Paul may rib you about it though.  (In some alternate realities nothing compares to red and white Italian Husqvarnas…)

    Hope to see you on another ride soon.


    Mike E

    It’s fun when a pick-up ride turns into 20-22 riders hitting the back roads for a day of fun.

    Thanks Paul for rallying the crew.

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