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    Tired of zip-tying my turn signals to ride off-road with Crago for fear of shearing them off. Does anyone have suggestions for after-market flexible turn signals? Kevin, which brand do you use?



    I’m pretty sure the old and new style Husky blinkers are interchangeable with BMW.
    Touratech also sells something similar, but are way more expensive.

    Here is an example, do your own research for best style and price.

    Only modification you MIGHT have to do is open up the hole a bit bigger to fit the beefier post. The extra plastic tap on these should match the BMW model just fine.


    Jeff H

    You can find some expensive collapsible indicators or you can do what I did and buy some cheap short ones that seem to never die. I bought the BMW style ones but the LED ones are probably more durable.

    1) Cheap short LED’s (Non-bmw style but will fit) here

    2) Cheap Short BMW style here

    or here



    LED lights without an added resistor might trigger the light-out warning on your dash as LED’s have very little circuit load. (just tossing this out as possibility)



    Thanks for the advice, all.
    I bought a pair from doubletake.com

    They ought to do the trick

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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