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    I’m starting to plan a motorcycle tour of Europe, basically the Alps. Have wanted to do this for several years, and its time to just do it. I’ve been looking into the different tour companies, and one just seems to jump out at me, Edelweiss Bike Tours. Prices include bike rental and lodging, meals etc.

    They have many different tours all over, but the ones I’m looking at are the High Alpine tour (8 days), Alps and Lakes tour (7 days), Alps Extreme tour (8 days), or for a few more $$$ the Grand Alps tour (15 days).

    Being fairly new to the club, I don’t know everyone’s journeys from years past. I’m guessing some have, but has anyone here ever done this? I seem to want to go with a tour company for my first time to Europe, but not sure if this is the way to go???

    Anyway, if anyone has anything they can share with me, it would be greatly appreciated.



    I did two European tours booking with two different tour companies, it worked very well for me. One of the tours was with Edelweiss. Touring with a company takes the guess work out and you can focus on enjoying the ride, the landscapes etc.

    To do this on your own (Rent bike, arrange hotels, sites, route, language, etc) it will take a lot of planning. The touring companies take care all this for you.

    In addition to Edelweiss take a look at IMTBike and Adriatic Moto Tours. All three companies are good.



    Mats Ceder

    I ridden the alps and Europe for years and I would not do an organized tour. It would kill the fun for me.

    Europe, and especial Switzerland, Italy, Germany and Austria sections are so easy to travel in.

    Full disclosure of course, I grow up in the area, and spent years traveling in that part of Europe. (I also owned businesses in the area that I frequently visited)

    I would rent a bike, focus on the 8 or so preferred areas / mountain passes to ride and then find lodging as I travel along. For the alps I would rent a RT if I would ride the BMW brand.

    I am sure that Beach and other tours are great but I personally would have more fun riding my own ride.

    If you want to get some pointers of great riding areas I would be happy to share over a coffee some day.

    Whatever you decide to do it’s a great ride as far as street riding goes. You can’t really go wrong with any of the options.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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