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    What type of gear is recommended when out and far away from home? Any recommendations for a Tire Inflator? I heard the Cycle Pump is good. Is that true?



    The cycle pump is good. Bought cheaper unit and it was junk. ended up with the cycle pump. Buy the inline gauge and you’ll be set.

    Other than a pump, a plug kit is good addition to the list

    A Tool kit that you can actually use when the time comes

    Credit card for the rest. 🙂



    Any trouble regarding this?

    “A comment about the BMW CANbus system… BMW limits amperage on their accessory ports. The CyclePump needs 10 amps, BMW only gives you 5.  You’ll need to bypass their CANbus system and get power directly from the battery.  We tell you how in the CyclePump owner’s manual.”


    Mike E

    No trouble.  You just need to run a cord with an SAE plug pigtail off the battery.

    Its also useful for heated gear, connecting your battery charger, etc.

    Many dealers even add them to the bikes when new (BMW SEM).  Great to have on your bike whether you get a cycle pump or not.



    Cycle Pump inflator. Mine is at least 15 years old and it works like new.

    Stop and Go Tire plugs. Simple and effective

    Cruz Tools toolkits

    bulbs and fuses

    extra cash hidden somewhere on the bike


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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