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    Anybody heard anything on what’s going on with Detroit BMW? Phone is disconnected / changed, last I heard they were moving and there had been some issues w that.



    Moved/Moving to Rochester.  Near the Chrysler dealership (or same lot or something?).

    Supposed to be re-opening soon.


    Chris Alfastsen

    Its a good day to be ALIVE people !

    At least for us east side residing folk..

    This past Saturday fellow TCD members Ken Alfastsen and Rob Keay used 1301 S. Rochester Road as a rendezvous point on their way to the TCD Thumb Run event. While there, fellow TCD member ‘Grub’ rode up after seeing the guys and their bikes parked while passing by.

    Shortly after they were then approached by a person of interest walking thru the parking lot towards them. They were not so much interested in him, but he was interested in the bikes. He introduced himself as Lincoln the ‘NEW’ owner of the ‘old’ BMW motorcycles of Detroit. Upon chatting for a while he was nice enough to give an update on the status of the new dealership to our TCD members.

    To date, work is progressing along in the shop portion of the building, and he is hopeful to keep things moving and open sometime in October. He also spent a month in Germany with corporate BMW working on the approval process and other various issues. Locally there is also the approval process with signage and the usual host of business related permit stuff to satify the city of Rochester Hills. But everything sounded like it’s progressing along and we will hopefully have an Open House to attend in the near future.

    And for anyone who’s curious about service, the search party has been called off. The ‘One and Only’ longtime BMW tech Don Lusk has reportedly been retained and will undoubtedly be a busy man catching up once things are settled and open for business.

    Lastly, Hope to see you all in Stockbridge this Sunday for All Clubs Day. Forecast is looking to be a beautiful day to call in sick from something you don’t want to do.


    Everything I have written here is based on the general assumptions of the conversation that took place. Times/dates are not written in stone, and I’m sure we will all know directly from the new dealership via an announcement when they plan to open the doors. This posting is just meant to be a snippet of information to satisfy the enquiring mind. Lets all hope and wish them well with their progress.
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    Great and convenient update! Thanks.

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