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    I’m going to be purchasing a new GPS for my bike, and I’m not sure which way to go here, Garmin Zumo of BMW Navigator?????

    Can any of you share your opinions about these two units?

    Pro’s – Con’s



    Mats Ceder

    I went with the Garmin BMW version VI I believe the latest version is.

    I like it for the simplicity and bike integration.

    A goold alternative is the Garmin Montana. Easy to transfer from bike to bike. Also run in AAAs if needed

    But skip the topographic maps. All lines looks like forest roads anyway



    If your bike has the GPS prep already, buy the BMW Navigator.   Has a bunch of features that integrate with the bike, as well as rudimentary media player (via bluetooth), and works with you cell phone for calls, and some network features..   Can also buy relatively cheap mount to transfer from bike to bike when needed (I use mine on my KTM).

    If you don’t have or don’t plan on getting the GPS prep for your bike (or isn’t available for your bike), there isn’t a good reason that I can think of to buy the BMW Nav V/VI over the similar Zumo line.

    The Montana is a good unit as well, a bit smaller screen than the Nav/Zumo and no sort of media features, but most agree that it is a better GPS.  Can load different maps, custom symbols and stuff that the Nav/Zumo cannot.




    Ok, I’ve been researching this some, and have kinda narrowed it down to three. Some have more features than others, but I’m trying to figure out if these features are really a need or just a want.

    Garmin Montana 680 – $439

    Garmin Zumo 395LM – $499

    BMW Navigator Adventure – $430

    The Montana 680 has lots a good features, but lacks and Bluetooth capabilities. Don’t know if I really want or need Bluetooth anyways. Comes loaded with TOPO maps, which is good for trails and off-road, which I do very little. But, for regular GPS maps you have to purchase the North America City Navigator for extra $$$. It does not come with a powered cradle, but is available for extra $$$. BUT, its color matches my F800, red & black, so thats really weighing in here! LOL!!!

    The Zumo 395 I can add the tire pressure monitors if wanted, and seems like that would be a good feature to have I would think??? Comes pre-loaded with maps of North America, and has some other motorcycle related features that may or may not be great. Comes with the powered cradle.

    The BMW Nav ADV from what I’m reading is basically the same unit as the Montana. Will need to load North America maps. Comes with the powered cradle and plugs directly into my F800’s power circuit.

    I don’t know. Maybe I’ll just purchase a tank bag with the map pocket and go OLD SCHOOL!!!!






    You can often find Montana’s for sale on Advrider fairly cheaply, any of the models in the 6×0 series are fine.  Differences here:

    Mainly the new models have both GPS and GLONASS, a little bit more memory on the newer models and perhaps a camera that you’d likely never use, being that practically everyone has a superior camera in their phone.

    Cheap powered cradles readily available.  And you know people that can get you the maps you need.  😉

    The BMW Navigator is more closely related to the Zumo than the Montana.   Neither are terrible.

    As for the map pocket… well, cheapest option for sure.  Maybe a roll chart is your style? 🙂

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