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    Mike E

    The BMW Motorcycle Owners of America is hosting a regional event at the Fontana Village Lodge
    (300 Woods Rd, Fontana, North Carolina 28733) this coming weekend – April 21-23 2017.

    I believe we have at least 4-5 TCD’ers heading down.  If any others are planning on it, please let us know.

    Event details here:

    For anyone attending, please take a lot of photos and let us know how it went!



    I’ll be heading down tomorrow morning.

    Can anyone recommend the best way to get to Toledo, early morning and avoiding the gridlock?

    I75 doesn’t appear to be an option. And US23 shows a ton of construction between M36 and M14.

    275 south to Telegraph perhaps?




    Mike E

    I-275 directly down to I-75  is probably your best bet.

    Rush hour through Toledo will be slow, but it’s probably faster then trying to drive around it.  Maybe the Toledo contingent has some suggestions.



    We had a great time at the Fontana MOA Getaway last weekend.

    Mark Mathes, Dave McFall, Dave Lamberti and I met up with Dale Estes and Steve Miller at the Red River Gorge campground in KY, just east of Lexington.

    I soon discovered that KY has roads that rival anything in S.E. Ohio (the Triple Nickel), or any of the famed roads such as Deal’s Gap or the Cherohala Skyway.

    If you get a chance, check out a MOA Getaway.







    Mike E

    (I accidentally detached the image from the above post, trying to save it.  Here it is again…)



    MOA Fontana

    A few of us rode down to the MOA Getaway at Fontana.

    Fontana, as you may recall was the site of the infamous Graham County Police sting, ala RA Rally 1997, where the locals found it necessary to use jack boot tactics to keep us lowly Beemer riders in check. Drug and weapons searches ensued with rabid German Shepherd’s, and Black Ops helicopters keeping tight patrol for the weekend. When someone informed the stooges that the only thing that gets a BMW rider upset is when the chardonnay isn’t chilled, they finally backed off. But lawsuits were still filed and won. 🙂 The local sheriff was even kicked out of office.

    Mark Mathes, Dave McFall, Dave Lamberti and I met our esteemed Webmaster, Dale Estes and Steve Miller at Red River Gorge Campground in KY Thursday night. Friday morning awoke to gray skies but the rain held off so Dale could lead us around some new roads that rivaled 555, and Deal’s Gap.

    We dodged the rain off an on all day, arriving at Fontana just in time to get the last remnant’s of dinner. Not sure who was in charge but they made sure we all got to eat. This is the first Getaway I’ve been to and the organizer’s went out of their way to make you feel welcome. On display were pocket versions of day rides to local roads that fit into the map pocket of your tankbag.

    Another buddy rode up from Georgia so, we rode the Cherohala Skyway Sat. morning. I can’t ever remember doing it on dry pavement but the Gods held the rain at bay for there and back. One bad accident going west. Another one going east. The Cherohala lulls you with long sweepers but it can bite as hard as Deal’s Gap, NC 28 or the Foothills Parkway.

    Returning to Fontana, Mark and Dave McFall had a black bear walk across just up the road from Tapoco Lodge on 129. Too bad I was slow as I had my video going and would have captured it.

    It started pouring hard Sat. night and Sunday morning gave us a deluge. It was interesting riding through Deal’s Gap in it, but on the plus side, no Squids either and the Michelin Road Pilots are incredible in the wet.

    The rain didn’t let up until 6pm, north of Cincinnati and all of my BMW rain gear worked great except the GS Dry gloves. They finally started letting the water in around 1pm. Not sure if there are any gloves made that will keep the water out in all day rain like that.

    Smart man that I am, I had with me another pair of Held Gore-Tex mits and as luck would have it, donned them just as the rain was done after dinner.

    We were having a great pace so we decided to just ride through the night to get home. The new Sargent seat I picked up over the winter was just the ticket to keep going. I hear that Russell Day Longs are the gold standard in extended comfort but 600 miles on a Sargent was pretty relaxing.

    If you haven’t been to a Getaway, I would suggest checking one out. They’re a mostly low key affair, in great locations, with grear roads, and great food with the good organization you expect from a MOA event.


    Mark Mathes and Dave McFall


    Bald River Falls, TN

    Dale Estes at Deal’s Gap

    Steve Miller at Deals Gap


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