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    Mike E

    I’m looking at going back to the BMW Off-Road Training Center in Barrie, Ontario in June.  It’s about 300 miles to their location which is about an hour or so north of Toronto.

    They have a session on Friday June 8th and Saturday June 9th.  While it is on their schedule right now as a Level 1 training, they indicated that they can also do a Level 2 session during that time as well.  (Clinton would teach L2 and Amanda and John would teach L1).

    This is the same BMW curriculum as used at the BMW Performance Training Center in South Carolina and as used by RawHyde Adventures.  It is a great semi-local training option.

    Their school is located at the Horseshoe Resort, which is a ski-resort.  So they have a range of accommodations, and a couple of restaurants on site.  Plus they have all the normal resort-type amenities if you’re interested.

    You can use your own bike or rent a BMW from them.  800 or 1200.  They also offer dirt-bike training if you have others in your family want to go, but not ride in the BMW school.

    I believe they require that riders have completed Level 1 with them or one of the BMW schools prior to being able to take the Level 2 course.

    I am going to sign up for the level 2, as I’ve been over there a couple of times already.

    In addition, I am planning on signing up for a 1/2 trials training session on Thursday June 7th.  (Those are the strange small bikes with no seats…)

    I will be going either Wednesday night or Thursday morning, and coming back on Sunday.

    If you’re interested, post a reply!

    School info:

    Resort info:



    Paul O

    Very interested, as a reminder to all the class $700  is Canadian, so approx. $550 which is a hell of a bargain.

    Going to check the schedule tomorrow at the office.  Have Amanda teach level II and it’s a done deal 🙂



    I am interested in going again.  Cool that they will offer both level 1 & 2, so that anyone wants to go with us that didn’t go last time and jump in at either level.

    Craig G

    Interested but unavailable that weekend. Let me know if the date changes.

    Mike E

    I think I’m going to register tomorrow.  They currently have 2 folks signed up for level 1, so there’s lots of room.  It’ll be fun to have a lot of us over there again.

    We need to practice roosting small dogs.

    Inside joke.  The last time we were there, Clinton (the owner / lead instructor) stopped to chat up some ladies on walking on the trail with their small, fluffy, white dog and to make sure we all didn’t ride by too fast.  After we all slowed down he took off, inadvertently roosting the small dog and ladies.   Not like him to do anything like that, so it makes it fun to kid him about it.

    Bikram Singh

    Thanks Mike. Mats had given me the heads up and am very interested and will sign up in the morning.

    Mats, you in or what?

    Mats Ceder


    I would love to but it will be a hard sell at home. I am heading out to do the COBDR mid June so I bet I get some pushback from my better half.


    Kevin Gao

    Paul, what are you thinking of riding? 800gs or husky?

    Paul O


    May actually drive, rent a F800.  My wife may go and do the learn to ride on Saturday on the TTR’s


    Mike E

    Just a head’s up.  Room availability is limited at the Horseshoe Resort.  They have 1 and 2 bedroom condo units available.  Each will sleep 3.  (2BR: 2 queens, 1 pull-out; 1BR 1 queen, 2 pull-outs).

    There is a KOA campground 4 miles down the road if you really want to go all in on the ADV thing.  There are also a few bed and breakfast locations nearby.

    Cheaper hotels are available in Barrie 15-20 minutes down the road.

    Paul O

    last year the 2 bedroom condo was quite roomy with a clothes washer and Dryer, and kitcher I got one of the last rooms in the hotel,,,have a Bunkie already.

    Left a voice mail for Amanda to reserve my spot in the school you guys must have been chatting her up all day




    Greg Linton

    Interested in this after hearing you guys talk about it in the post-ride chatter yesterday.  Still going June 8-9?

    Mike E

    Yep.  I think Doug is still looking for someone to share his condo too.  I’ll send you a message.

    It’ll be fun!


    Just booked the time off for the trip this morning.  Ready to go…

    Greg Linton

    Thanks to head honcho Mike E for pulling the right strings. I’m now signed up in L1 for next weekend.

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