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    If you off road riders want a challenge, TAKE FRIDAY, JUNE 20th off and join me on a DIRT ride up to CYCLEMORE camp FULLY LOADED WITH CAMPING GEAR on your Dual Sport Bike.
    To ride off road fully loaded with camping gear allows you the freedom to ride longer off road adventures and camp along the trail.
    Most dual sport riders have not figured out a packing system to put all the gear you need on your bike. NOW IS THE TIME TO PACK ALL YOU GEAR ON YOUR BIKE.

    Once you have this system down pat, you can ride the Continental Divide, Cross the interior of Newfoundland, ride across the Rockies, etc.

    I have done this for many years and yes, it is harder to pick-up you bike, but I am pretty much self sufficient when I am riding on the trail.

    If you do not ride with your gear, you are limited to ‘day rides’ from your ‘base of operation’

    Please download the 2013 Longest day GPX file and lets have some FUN!



    Is there ANYBODY who wants to ride up on FRIDAY the 20th to Cyclemoore campground?

    I would suggest getting BOTH ORV 2014 stickers. Since I still do not know what the difference between the stickers are, get both.

    We are going to be riding all kinds of trails.

    Bring you knobby tires!



    Greg, are you gong to meet up at Uncle John’s again?
    I would enjoy watching you scarf down a dozen Cinnamon
    rolls again! Chuckle!



    Yes, Fritz. I will meet you, and anybody else, at UNCLE JOHN’s Cider Mill (North of St. John’s, MI) on US-127 (East side) at 9am, I will leave at 10am


    Jim Slater

    Geeeezzz – how I miss having those fun times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    Hey Greg, I am seriously thinking of joining you – pending work schedule.



    I think GLDS did an Honor ride last year. (first time in a long time). Maybe check if they have an updated route.
    I could be wrong though.


    PJ R1200RT

    Wow!! – sounds like a fun time. I wish I could join and learn so many things. Just switched from a R1200RT to a 800GS – haven’t really tasted the dual sportiness of this blue beauty. Don’t have knobbies yet – hence missed the dual sport ride by Jeff H earlier this month. A big camper and outdoors lover, but never done it on a motorcycle. But someday gentlemen some day……

    Have fun and safe riding!!


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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