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    Dave Allgood

    As I dug into the T-shirt drawer and pulled on something to wear this morning I noticed that our club Logo reminds us that the TCD started in 1968.  If my math is correct that would make 2018 the 50th year of the clubs existence.  If there are any T-shirt designers that have any ideas for a commemorative T-shirt it might be kind of cool to have some made.


    Pat O’Neill

    Wow, 50 years!!

    I wonder if someone on the board should reach out to ON magazine – I bet they would love to do an article!



    Wow, TCD is 50 yrs old!

    We definitely need a commemorative T-Shirt made for this milestone. Maybe a decal/patch as well.



    Dave Allgood

    An artist who wishes to remain anonymous at this time created the attached 50th anniversary logos.  Using one with the the BMW roundel is technically problematic, so I kind of like the 7th one .  Any one else have a favorite?

    Who would actually buy a shirt with this logo?  We have to have a minimum number (12 I think).

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    Dave Allgood

    No. 1 might look good over our current logo.


    Gary Mayes

    I would buy a shirt,  all the logos are fine.  Tend to agree with Dave on either #1 or 7.


    Craig G

    I’m in for a shirt also. #7 works for me too.



    Chris Alfastsen

    I would take a short sleeve for summer and long sleeve for cooler weather. I vote for #7 as well with 1968-2018 added to bottom.

    Every member should consider buying at least one shirt to acknowledge this milestone, let alone the MOA club #1. Then a group photo of ALL members in shirts at a chosen scenic location would be a nice thing to hang on the wall of your favorite place.

    A bonus would be a group photo including ALL members and ALL bikes shot from a drone (anybody own a drone?).  As suggested ON magazine would also be a very cool thing to happen.

    Maybe a topic of discussion at the upcoming planning meeting?


    Dale Estes

    I’m in for a shirt also.  And, as it so happens, I have a video drone that we can do video/pictures with.  I’d be more than happy to do this.



    Great idea, I’m in for a shirt.  I like #7 and #8.  However, if it’s #8, then I would like to see the bikes switched.  Just my 2 cents.


    Jack Johnson

    Count me in for a shirt, I like #7.



    I like #7 as well.



    I’d be in for one, any of the logos work for me.



    I’d be in for a couple…



    Dave great idea 🙂  I vote for no 7 and 12

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