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    Mike E

    Here is the updated GPS info for the ride Saturday, May 12th.

    There is a small issue on Fox Lake Rd and Contumacious Trail, where Basecamp routes west of the intersection and then sends it back east.  We will just ride east from the intersection.

    Both .GDB (Garmin with routes, tracks, points) and .GPX (tracks) files are provided.

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    Mike E

    Oakland County ADV Ride – Saturday May 12th

    • Explore the dirt backroads of Northern Oakland County (+ Lapeer).
    • Great gravel road routes.
    • Meet for breakfast at 9:00 in Clarkston, MI at the Old Village Cafe, 2 S Main St, Village of Clarkston, MI 48346
    • Ride starts at 10:00 am
    • 80.9 miles  78.3 gravel road and 2.4 miles paved (with mostly all of the pavement at the very start and end)
    • Ride concludes at the Paint Creek Cider Mill 4480 Orion Rd, Rochester, MI 48306
    • Should be finished by 1:30

    Load up the GPS files if you are able.  We’d prefer to travel in small separate groups.


    Mike E

    Just for fun, I have uploaded the ride into Rever.  It’s a online tool that can use used to communicate rides, but most importantly, it has a ‘friend tracker’ so we can see where everyone is on the route who is using the app on the ride.  It also can be used as primary navigation for those who use their phones, vs a dedicated GPS.  (It’s back-up for everyone else)

    This would be very cool for when we do the MABDR, so if anyone is up for it – download the Rever App (IOS, Android) and join for free.  Join the ‘BMW Touring Club of Detroit’ Community and you’ll see the Oakland ride.  We can test it out.

    Website:  https://rever.co/

    Mobile app available in all the normal places…


    Mats Ceder

    Tried to upload but I must do something wrong, cant get it to work?


    Mike E

    If you’re using a PC, make sure that it isn’t adding an extra extension after the .gdb or .gpx file extension.  That seems to be a common problem when uploading into Basecamp for PC owners.

    You need to go into file explorer and have it show all extensions.  You’ll know you got it when you can see them on all the other files.  Just delete the extra extension it added by renaming the file without it.

    That could do it.

    Or we can just beam it to your Nav VI at breakfast using the miracle of it’s bluetooth connection.


    Mats Ceder

    Thanks Mike.

    I will try. I did not know you could beam it via Bluetooth. If you don’t mind that will be my backup plan.


    Craig G

    With a PC, make sure the “save as type” field is set to “all files” in the pop up window when you right click on the file to “save target as”.

    Also be sure to rename the file name with the .gpx file extention at the end or BaseCamp will not recognize it when you try to import it.


    Mike E

    The Bluetooth open is super easy and convenient on the Nav V and VI.  No problem.


    hundredmph farmer

    It’s covered above but here is a basic step by step for a Windows computer/

    On a Windows computer– To download and open/use the route/

    Right click on Oakland-ADV-2018.GPX route in this thread,
    then left click “save target as”,
    then in the box that opens up look for the  “File Name” box near bottom,
    then in the “File Name” box add .GPX after the Oakland-ADV-2018 (should then read Oakland-ADV-2018.GPX,
    then in the “save as type box” click the little down arrow on the right hand side and change the save as type to “All Files”

    Note in top address bar WHERE it is going to be saved (so you can find it), or change it to the place on your computer that you want to save it to. Pay attention to WHERE it is being saved or you will be looking all over  your computer for it.

    Then click on the save box.

    That should put the route file at the place that you saved it to called  (Oakland-ADV-2018) with a BaseCamp looking icon.

    Just double left  click on that (Oakland-ADV-2018) file and it should open Base Camp with the route & tracks Oakland-ADV-ride already in it.



    Mats Ceder

    Used another PC and it looks like I got it to work. Still interested to earn the Bluetooth procedure.

    See you Saturday morning!



    Just checking in for tomorrow’s ride given the current and forecasted weather situation.  Are we planning to ride regardless of rain?  I still may consider it, but don’t want to head all the way up there if no else is planning on showing up.  text me if plans change: 734-355-0042   thanks Rob


    Mike E

    We’ll be there.  I’m riding in any weather.



    Mats Ceder

    I will be there to. My bike needs some rain anyway to clean it up!

    looking forward to a fun day of riding.


    Mike E

    We all need that mud-sheen.  We’ll ride through the mud puddles in both directions.


    Greg Linton

    I don’t mind a bit of rain riding, but I’m guessing the cafe won’t like a bunch of dripping wet bikers traipsing through their store.

    My kickstand dongle didn’t arrive, so I’ll have to decide if I’ve got the name badge magnet well secured.

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