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    Friday night at The Pines in St. Ignace on Friday, August 3rd.  Their number is (906) 643-9250.  All their rooms are still available.  Saturday night at the Superior Hotel in Grand Marais.  Their number is (906) 494-2539.  They still have 6 rooms available.



    There is a big art and music festival in Grans Marais August 10-12.  The UP ride has been rescheduled to August 3-5.  I don’t think the calendar has caught up with this change.


    Eric VanDyke

    I am in for the UP ride. I will take the baby bike this time around. She is being neglected this summer.


    Dale Estes

    The Calendar and Ride List have both been updated.  Thanks.


    Jeff H

    Who’s doing the tracks and have they been proofed? I put together a redux post our ride last year to avoid some of the closed roads/bridges/culverts on the older tracks.


    Dave Allgood

    I will put together a road ride as long as some one wants to ride it.  Greg will put together an off road route, but as of now he will not be going.


    Dave Allgood

    I have a pavement ride roughed out.  There a couple of waterfalls that involve short walks, but a lot of steps.  Thinking of Fayette State Park or Kitch-iti kipi on the way back to St. Ignace on Sunday.  Is there any interest in either?



    I’m interested in the road portion. Not really feeling the need for sand…


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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