2018 Longest Day Ride 22nd (Fri)-24th(Sun) at Cyclemoore Campground

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    It’s that time of year.

    Hopefully we will see some more OFF ROAD RIDERS for this ride.

    Once again, I have to give my grim disclaimer “This is a Serious Off Road Ride, for experienced riders only! (If you are new to off-roading, you should have gone on the Ohio Ride a couple of weeks ago in OH, we also have a Thumb Run which is pretty easy)

    I am tweaking the Tracks and will post a GPX file later tonight (Sunday). This ride will encounter DEEP SAND, MUD HOLES, RIVER CROSSINGS, and Sandy Hill Climbs (not my favorite), but it will also lead you through the heart of Michigan’s beautiful forests. I guarantee an adventure, if you can finish it. Bring your GPS if you decide to bail and need to find pavement. (always turn on Track Log, so you can backtrack if you need to)

    I will be meeting riders at Uncle John’s Cider Mill on US-127 (N of Lansing) at 10am on Friday [N43° 06.785′ W84° 33.724′] we will leave at 10am B.O.B and slab it to Evart, MI. From there we hit the trails and have fun/tough ride to the campground. We will Lunch at Mesick. I will have my intercom/phone connected, so you can try to call me anytime (some places we do not have cell coverage) We have a full off road ride Sat and I will lead a different ride back on Evart on Sun.

    Pack your tents and make some memories!



    Don’t forget to purchase you ORV stickers. We are going to be all over the place and may be on ORV trails, snowmobile trails, etc (all legal). Get your ORV TRAIL and ORV Sticker ($25+$15?) It helps to fund the DNR and keep these trails open. I got mine at Wally World.

    Also bring tools and supplies to fix FLAT Tires. AAA is NOT going to show up where we ride!



    GPX and Free Michigan map which has all the 2 tracks are posted on the GPS FORUM

    I would really like to see all riders download the TRACKS into their GPS’s. It allows you to fall back from the DUST CLOUD and be able to make turns all by yourself. MAKE SURE YOU TURN OFF AUTOMATIC OFF ROUTE RECALCULATION! So you don’t mess up the route if you miss a turn.

    Have Fun!



    Count me in. Greg, this is the longest day ride not fall color tour.


    Pat O’Neill

    Thanks sandsquid.. I was confused by the thread title… So this is the Longest Day Ride weekend.

    I haven’t done this event before — anyone want to fill in some details for Road riders? Are there GPS tracks/routes available?

    Regarding Cyclemoore, If I understand right this is a group camp area – how are the fees paid? Do I need to register somewhere?






    Don’t know about pavement, all I see is SAND…..

    Campground was $8 last year, we usually camp in the Center Circle you see just pas the gates. Setup you tent and wander over to the front office, if they are open. $16 for 2 nights. Hot showers. If the office is closed, you can pay the next day. Steve is the old guy with the white beard.


    Jack Johnson

    I will try to meet you guys on the trail Friday and ride back to camp with you. I will be in Thomsonville for the whole week at Turtle Lake Campground.


    Mike E

    I’m looking forward to it!

    Road riders typically ride up to the campground solo or in very small groups.  Nothing formal.

    Saturday, the typical road ride is a lap around the Leelanau Pennisula.  Frankfort, Empire, Glen Arbor, Northport, Grand Traverse Lighthouse, Sutton’s Bay.  A good old paper map will suffice, GPS not required for this one.  Fantastic area.

    People will make groups at dinner or around the campfire.

    Often we eat dinner Friday at the Hofbrau in Interlochen, but it can vary if people want to do something different.  The destination is decided at the campground between 5/6 pm.  Sat might be Pizza delivery at campground or another restaurant.

    Attendance is normally a 50/50 split between on-road and off-road riders.



    I’m in.



    If you are riding OFF-ROAD, make sure you have FULL KNOBBIES TIRES!

    The hill climbs are SANDY and if you don’t have traction, you are not going to be able to climb these hills.

    I don’t mind helping riders that are equipped with the correct tires, but if you are taking a Dual Sport bike with Street or Tourance type tires, you are just making it harder for yourself and if you get stuck, you are making it harder for the rest of us.



    I plan on meeting the group again a Evart. I’ll  be on my 690. There are a few of us planning on this.  We will come down from Cycle Moore on Friday morning.  Doug



    Darryl Smith

    I plan on leaving cyclemoore Fri. morning and riding the trail backwards until I run into the northbound group.


    Paul O

    Darryl: Considering the same, I get back from a trip Thursday and may just load a small bike on a trailer and head up to Cycle Moore Thursday night.  All Still TBD,, who else?



    Jack Johnson

    Doug, I want to hook up with you guys for the trip to Evart. What time will we have to leave camp?


    Craig G

    I will be riding down from Cyclemoore on Friday morning also, so I will meet up with Greg & the group at the trail head in Evart.


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