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    Jeff H

    Tracks are located here: http://bmwtcd.org/forums/topic/2017-up-adventure-tracks/

    Trip Plans:

    Friday Evening: Arrive in St. Ignace where most people will stay near the Pines Motel.

    • Hopefully vehicles and trailers can still be left in their back lot (need to confirm).
    • The best place to eat is the BBQ place at the party store/gas station next to the Pines (no joke)

    Saturday: Breakfast 8:00am at Java Joe’s Cafe (same as previous years)

    Saturday Ride: St. Ignace to Grand Marias via dirt roads & ORV trails (MI OVR stickers required)

    • First track (01 Pines to Tahquamenon) goes to Tahquamenon Falls, 90 miles. Gas and food can be had in Paradise (80 miles) or near the Falls. There’s an option to skip Paradise via a river road, gas will be at 86 miles.
    • We can stop at the Upper Falls for a break, and fill up a growler at the brewery (might not fair well on the trails).
    • Second Track (02 Tahqua to Grand Marais Rainbow) is 61 miles and includes lots of the Two Hearted Trail system and a stint up to the Rainbow Lodge.

    Saturday Night:

    • Stay at Superior Hotel in middle of town (full).
    • We can eat at the tavern next door, or the brewery

    Sunday: Hotel has a “light” continental breakfast, or we can eat in town (slow), or take a side excursion to Munising via H58.

    Sunday Ride:

    • Hit the trails, or do a scenic route to Munising
    • Both head back to Seney, and then to St. Ignace





    Jeff H

    With 16 of us I’m thinking three groups would be ideal. Maybe pick a spot in Paradise to meet for lunch. I’m partial to Brown’s Fish House, but that cafe would work too.

    For groups I’m thinking the following:

    • Group 1: Spirited small bike group (I wouldn’t mind trying to ride trail on my R12GS)
    • Group 2: Intermediate mix group (expect 25-35mph on trail, 45-55 on dirt roads, +5 or so on road)
    • Group 3: Scenic site seeing group

    Might be able to combine groups 2 and 3, or at least stay together at major intersections.

    For lunch:

    Option 1: Go to Paradise and eat at:

    • Silver Creek Grill &Pub (before Paradise), or
    • Fresh Coast Cafe (in Paradise), or
    • Brown’s Fish House (in Paradise, fresh fish until they run out), or
    • Tahquamenon Falls Brewery (after Paradise)

    Option 2: Skip Paradise all together. Then either eat at:

    • Silver Creek Grill & Pub (before), or
    • Tahquamenon Falls Brewery (after)

    Jeff H

    Tracks edited 8/24/17


    Kevin Gao

    Photos from our trip


    Will add more videos to this playlist



    Nice photos. I was wishing I was there up until I saw the dreaded sand. 🙂 Looks like it was a good time. Hopefully I can attend next year.

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