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    Like the announcement stated, Show up at Harvest Moon Cafe at 9am for Breakfast, and we leave at 10am (Butts on Bikes). Nobody seems to want to take a scenic way down to the trails, so we usually jump on US-23 and slab it down. If there are small dirt bikes, I try to keep the speeds down to 60-65mph so they can keep up. If you want to meet us at the TRAILHEAD, Download the GPX file from the GPS FORUM. We should arrive around 11:15am.

    We usually ride for 2 hours and then get bored. I have a ROUTE, backroads to Dundee for a Mexican Resturant (La Fiesta). Eat lunch around 2pm-ish? Then the remaining people usually go home from there, but I do have a ROUTE, backroads, up to the Belleville area, if you want to follow me.


    KNOBBY TIRES recommended. It is a good way to get you Sand skills honed, and picking-up-your-bike skills as well.

    Only a PIT Toilet at parking lot, so bring your own snacks, water.

    Again, download the GPX file from the GPS FORUM



    I’m in. ­čÖé


    Mike E

    I’m tentatively planning on it. ┬áMy bike is too clean again…


    Jeff H

    Looks like I’m in too.

    I do have a special request about the new Single Track, please avoid it on the big bikes. The Toledo Trail Riders worked hard to get that track built, and I don’t want the TCD to be associated with messing it up.

    I’m sure a big bike could be finagled through there, but it would probably just mess up the track, scratch up your bike, and cause quite a traffic jam on Saturday.

    The rest of the trail and woods section is fine to run on any bike.┬á Here’s a quick clip of the intro to the single track: https://youtu.be/wfZl17MpNFo?t=214



    Does anyone have TRACKS for the NEW SINGLE TRACK? I would like to add it to my collection and label it SMALL BIKES ONLY


    Jeff H

    No tracks for the single track, but it is clearly marked and a boxer engine would have a hard time fitting through the posts.



    ALL LITTLE BIKES WITH GPS, please send the SINGLE trail TRACKS so I can add it to my database


    Mike E

    Great day, and a fun ride! 9 TCD’ers┬áand a couple of friends hit the trails. ┬áThe preceding wet weather made the sand a bit easier to navigate, but it was good practice. ┬áThere were a lot of shallow mud holes, but nothing to terrible. ┬áMaumee was once again a fun season warm up!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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