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    Ok, kiddies. Boy, making these tracks are not as simple as one would think.

    Because we will be DEEP IN THE WOODS. I am only giving you TRACKS. This because Garmin City Navigator WILL NOT HAVE ROADS for ALL OF THESE 2 TRACKS, so  you cannot build a Route. Following tracks is the best way to keep ‘on track’.

    You can TRY to make a ROUTE, but if you ROUTE screws up, FOLLOW  THE TRACK. This is why you should have a GPS that can show TEACKS and ROUTES at the SAME TIME. Pick a contrasting color for your TRACK. Your Route will always be Magenta.

    We will be riding trails that  CREATE LOOPS. When you come to an INTERSECTION, GO RIGHT unless marked otherwise. (There is ONE LEFT TURN ICON). I have removed the tracks at the intersections, so if you ZOOM IN, you will clearly see which way to turn. NEVER CROSS THE TRACK, I did not build it this way. All TURNS RIGHT, except one Left turn.

    Look these tracks over before the ride. If there are not clear, ADD DESCRIPTIVE WAYPOINTS to help jog you memory.

    If you can navigate these without looking at the cloud of dust in front of you, you are an expert navigator, like me.

    I can post a custom mapset that will have all of these  2 tracks, it is 105MB, but I do not have any HOSTING sites, so someone will have to HOST the MAPSET. Let me know and I can upload it to somewhere.


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    I have a list of CUSTOM SYMBOLS you can see on BaseCamp. If you do not use Custom Symbols, you can download and unzip this file in your PC Directory c:\Users\Joe_Blow\Documents\My Garmin\Custom Waypoint Symbols


    I will provide a GPX file with waypoints and you will see all of the Hard Areas on this ride

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    Here are the CUSTOM WAYPOINTS for the Ride.

    You can “import” them right on top of the “list” you have for the ride in BaseCamp.

    To see the Custom Symbols, you need to install the Custom Waypoint Symbol.zip file and put it in the correct directory (see above post)

    When you open BaseCamp, you will now see what I see. If your GPS cannot show custom Symbols (only Hiking and Marine types do, I think) then convert them to use STANDARD Symbols THAT SHOW UP ON YOUR GPS. Not all symbols in BaseCamp are displayable on your GPS (Come to the Geezer Class if you want to learn about GPS)

    IF you want these custom Symbols I have to give you one more additional file to put on you GPS.

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    Here is the Custom Symbol file to show icons on your GPS, if it can do this.

    You need to expand the zip in \Garmin\Custom Symbol\ within the INTERNAL MEMORY of you GPS

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    Craig G

    When y0u say “within the INTERNAL MEMORY of your GPS”, is there a particular folder it needs to be in?  My Zumo 590LM has numerous folders within its “internal memory”.

    Craig G



    “You need to expand the zip in \Garmin\Custom Symbol\ within the INTERNAL MEMORY of you GPS”



    Link to Crago’s custom map:  https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-5d8JaKWx6fb2M4QndlWVhKUWM



    Thanks to ‘Nobody’, you can now download a MAPSET that contain ALL ROADS, which means you can now BUILD a ROUTE for this entire ride.

    Copy this file to your GPS’s \Garmin folder (I use the external memory)

    When you boot BaseCamp, give it a many minutes to find and load the map. Use your MapSet Pulldown (enable this option, if you dont see it)  and then you will see a NEW MAPSET (Candy-Cane, as some members call it) Dirt roads are very WIDE, so active Routes can be overlaid and you can still see the linetype.

    If every rider does this, we will all be using the same map. Remember to SHOW TRACKS (pick bright color, like GREEN [not DARK GREEN). and after you build a Route, you will have MAGENTA Route as well. If you SEE GREEN TRACK pop out from the ROUTE, FOLLOW THE TRACK (you messed up on bulding the Route, or your crappy GPS recalculated the Route and screwed it up)


    Craig G

    Is this new mapset compatible with the Garmin Zumo’s? I know the VVMapping maps are not.

    I think I will just follow the basic route (with or without custom symbols, it really doesn’t matter much).

    Perhaps someone can walk me through it sometime; the Geezer GPS mtgs are not an option for me however.



    You can display multiple mapset on almost ANY GARMIN GPS (except maybe a cheap $100 unit).

    The problem with most GPS (Nuvi and Zumo) is you need to rename the mapset “gmapsupp.img” or “gmapprom1.img”.

    Only Marine and Hiking GPS’s, like Montana, Colorado, Oregon can accept any map name, so you could put “pig.img” in the \Garmin folder and it should work.

    If you cannot figure out how to rename this additional map, you can try “fusing” 2 mapsets together using MAPSOURCE or MAPINSTALL (remember, BaseCamp cannot send maps to GPS units). By combining both into one mapset, you might get multiple map options on your GPS.

    You can follow the “BASIC TRACK”, not a Route, because I did not provide a Route and your City Navigator map does not contain all the roads we will ride, hence no Route possible.

    A detailed map is helpful and intersections in the middle of nowhere. If you have all of the possible 2 tracks, picking the correct trail is much easier. If you follow just a track, and come to an intersection (remember, you will not see an intersection on your GSP) you have to guess at which trail to take. You might pick correctly, but then again, you might find your self drifting away from the TRACK and at this point, you realize, you picked the wrong trail and must turn around and pick the ‘other trail’.

    Custom Symbols can tell you of impending doom (Deep Sand). If you don’t like Deep Sand, Stop and notify the rider behind you that you are going to Detour and go around the HARD WAYPOINT. You MUST tell the rider where you are going to meet back up with the TRACK, so we don’t loose you. The only problem I see if you getting stuck OFF TRACK and then nobody will know where you are. PROBLEM. If you don’t have Cell Tower coverage, BIG PROBLEM.


    Craig G


    My Zumo does not have a \Custom Symbol\ directory or folder anywhere within its memory…

    And my Windows 10 does not have a location of users\craiggrissom\Documents\My Garmin\Custom Waypoint Symbols…  What version of Windows are you using? The locations have changed in Windows 10.

    This a futile effort trying to load these custom symbols;  very frustrating… I am just wasting time… I hate Windows…

    I will stick to the basic “track” with all of its generic symbol glory.



    I am running windows 10.

    Your user name may be different.

    This also worked in same folder for windows 7.

    Only gives heads up to ‘bad’ sections ahead


    Craig G

    I think there are more differences in gps’s than we think…



    The Zumo’s/Nav’s won’t display the custom symbols.  You can create the folder and see them in Basecamp, but you’ll still just get the default symbols on the GPS.




    I was looking a little closer and saw a ROAD CLOSED WAYPOINT at N44° 22.119′ W85° 41.812′ (on Friday’s North Bound TRACK). I also have a ROAD CLOSED WAYPOINT at N44° 22.078′ W85° 42.227′. These were marked on 4/2016

    Both of these roads are visible on CN 2018.20. If these roads are still closed, I will detour to the SW on other Forest Service roads to the West and go around (These roads are NOT on CN 2018.20, Download the Custom Michigan map and you will see these additional roads.)

    Extra Note to the Riders heading South bound. If you hit these CLOSED TRAILS, CALL ME and let me know. If the group is close to you. I will tell you where to meet up.

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