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    Dave Allgood

    I will post routes next week.

    The plan is:

    Friday 9/23 – ride to Martinsville IN.

    Saturday 9/24 – ride from Martinsville to Tell City via country, farm, and forest roads.  Mostly gravel.

    Sunday 9/25 – ride from Tell City to Shelbyville, In via country, farm, and forest roads.  Mostly gravel.

    Monday 9/26 – ride back to Detroit area.

    Friday and Monday are travel days, so if you want to boogie down and back via freeway you don’t need to join the ride down and back.  I will plan a back road ride mostly pavement for those days.

    The Saturday and Sunday rides do contain maybe three Hero sections (more if the weather is wet).  There are workarounds for anyone who wants to skip them.  You probably will have difficulty with the Hero sections on street tires.  The rest is doable on street tires with care, but you will feel more comfortable in the gravel with an aggressive tread.


    I will post motel locations in the next few days.  In the meantime lets try for a roll call of who is going.



    Dave Allgood

    Make your Motel reservations here:

    Friday 9/23 – Comfort Inn – Plainfield, IN – 317 839 9600


    Saturday 9/24 – Holiday Inn Express Tell City, IN – 812 547 0800

    Sunday 9/25 – Hampton Inn, Shelbyville, IN – 844 583 2356 (NOTE THIS IS DIFFERENT THAN LAST YEAR)

    Do this soon.  There is a football game at IU and the rooms near Martinsville are going fast.






    Reservations have been made


    Jim Micallef

    In for Saturday and Sunday riding, will be working Friday and Monday

    Reservation  made for Saturday only


    PS: Anyone else working and want to ride Friday evening, could be on road at 4.oo pm, and return Sunday Pm?  Even open to a partial trailer bikes  to Indiana and unload and ride with group on Saturday and Sunday then return in Pm sunday ( I have a large trailer) , send me email at Jmack09@yahoo.com


    Dave Allgood

    Posting routes in gps forum.



    Jack Johnson

    I could be in for this.



    If I can get the Friday off I might be able to make this too.  Would be riding back Sunday afternoon, but still looks like good time.


    Gary Mayes

    Hi,  I’m a member of the West Michigan BMW club, would it be alright if I join this ride?   Thank you


    Jeff H


    Everyone is welcome to join and participate in the BMWTCD rides and events, no membership required. It would be good to send Dave Allgood a note since he is the ride leader.


    Jeff Hunter

    Club President



    I have made reservations. So I’m in. Still deciding if I’m going to take the freeway down or take the back road route. Is there a scheduled launch time for the back road route?


    Dave Allgood

    Gary Mayes – I replied to your email.  I hope it gets to you.  If not please email me directly at dracomm@comcast.net.  Due to an IU home football game the first night will be in Plainfield IN.


    Darryl Smith

    Count me in. I will meet up at the hotel on Fri. night


    Harry Jones

    I’m in. Arriving at the hotel Friday evening and plan to return on Monday from Shebyville.



    I plan on going down Friday and returning on Sunday late afternoon.




    Any cheapskates want to share a room for Friday/Saturday?

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